In this editorial report writer tells us about the time period of imran khan.When he become the PM of Pakistan afterv his PMship his first tour to karachi on sunday on his interview he said he issued the CNICs and passport to the afghans and bangalis living in pakistan which will make them formal citizen of the country he gave equal rights to all the communities of the country it is clearly welcome that PM is turned his attention to the forgotten citizens of the country before imran khan no one shows the attention for thev forgotten citizens imran khan gave idea to the people that long term refugees can live their lives like normal people of the country when they got their CNICs they will not be refugees anymore they live their lives positively among the people of pakistan which has the deep meaning parliment all provices and their ideas took seriously by the government of pakistan and also the communities of pakistan all side should remember that current state of affairs is dismal and unacceptable
                According to second editor development report identifies the difference between and within countries the editor saidthat their is unequal oppertunities for women because of the less of income education and health all the things are imbalance which directly impact on less develp countries and also the development of country.IN south asia their is 189 countries on the annual human development Pakistan ranked on 150 on index pakistan ranked behind Nepal India Bngladesh in most social indicators because their is no such education for children the average education for girls is just 7.8 years government must be focus on the neglected part of the country because their is huge gender inequality if we want that our country develop we should give children good education also for girls we should stop childhood marriages their shoul be no gender equality and equal rights for both men and women.
                   ACCORDING TO THIRD EDITOR AS UPCOMMING EVENT OF ASHURA 8 9 10 MUHARRAM reaching to their climax according to religious traditions lots of people will be part of majalis and morning procedures therefore our government allowed large force of security to protect people from dangerous territorry and will not allow any fake news that can effect our natural reputation will not be accepted.