Critical analysis of editorials in Dawn Newspaper

  • Editorials form an important part of any newspaper. They are a guiding force for the people who look upto newspaper as a major source of information. The editorials published on September 18,2018 were based on the following topics: Muharram Precautions: As Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and is characterized by the Day of Ashura i.e 10th of Muharram, special security policies are adopted for this event. As people come out in large numbers in majalis and processions on 8th,9th and 10th of Muharram, greater security precautions are needed to maintain the peace and harmony. In the past, law and order situations have prevailed and thousands of innocent lives have been lost, therefore it is essential to do all it takes to observe jt as a peaceful religious event. Citizenship promise: The Prime Minister Imran Khan in first official visit to Karachi, has announced Pakistani citizenship for the Bengalis and Afghans who were either born here or have lived here as migrants for three to four decades. This was a major step towards overcoming the feeling of deprivation among our migrant population. Bringing them into the mainstream as the citizens of Pakistan will help us to reduce the feelings of self-pity that our people have. We can all work together in our own capacity for the betterment of our country. Developmental Decline: The latest united nations development report has ranked Pakistan 150th out of 189 countries on the basis of development. Pakistan lags behind almost all of the countries in South Asia mainly due to social issues and lack of proper infrastructure. In the seven decades since the creation of Pakistan, Lack of good governance, poor fiscal policies, gender inequality and unequal opportunities between different racial and ethnic groups have led to the slow economic development. Pakistan can not board on the road of success until women empowerment and equal opportunities for all is made a substantial part of its socio-economic agenda.