India steps back to hold peace talks with Pakistan

  • Pakistan and India have not been in the best of relations since the Independence in 1947. The relations between the two neighbours have been marked by hostility and complexity due to historical and political events. The major territorial conflict between the two states has been 'Kashmir'.Two major wars have also been fought i.e in 1965 and 1971. History bears witness that the state of Pakistan always desires to keep friendly and cordial relations with all its neighbours including India and to solve issues through dialogue and peaceful negotiations. But India prefers war over parleys. History repeated itself yet again when the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan wrote a letter to his Indian counterpart PM Modi expressing his desire to maintain the peace of the region and addressing all issues including Kashmir through peaceful talks. The Indian foreign secretary in his press conference welcomed this goodwill gesture and announced that the Foreign Ministers of both the countries will meet in New York after the UN General Assembly session, but backed out within 24 hours after three Indian soldiers were killed in Kashmir. The Indian press started a hostile propaganda portraying Pakistan as the mastermind behind these killings and PM Imran Khan as intolerant. All the efforts by Pakistan went in vain just because of the Indian extremist approach. Both the states must realize that war is not a solution to a problem, it is a problem itself. Peace and stability are the prerequisites for the economic progress. Instead of being stuck in the history, we must look forward to improve the bilateral relations in order to ensure peace in the region and to create feelings of respect and goodwill among the two nations.