A Bottleless Water Dispenser Integrates

  •   If you choose a bottled water cooler, a member of staff must plan deliveries, collect and remove bottles, process invoices, as well as predict how much water to order each month.

      A bottleless water dispenser integrates into your office Electric Drinking Water Pump wholesales supply, which means minimal upfront disruption and no recurring distractions. When you remove the cost of water deliveries and tap into your existing supply, your business could save up to 70% on your drinking water costs. Every rental agreement includes a maintenance schedule carried out by certified technicians, including the changing of filters and UV purification lamps at least twice-a-year to keep your water supply at its optimal quality.

      What are our customers saying?

      The service technician was efficient and courteous. He evaluated the installation areas based on our needs and what he evaluated to be the best for the water dispensers.

      Sales rep was knowledgeable, responsive, and accommodating as he allowed us a trial period to test the product.

      1) Customizable rates suit every business

      The Waterlogic rental service enables you to choose a fixed monthly rate that suits your business needs, so you never pay over the odds for your water supply. Flexible short-term contracts deliver a cost-effective rental plan that allows you to upgrade your water cooler model once your contract ends. While fixed monthly rates mean no time wasted fretting about high water consumption in the hot summer months.

      2) Cost savings for your business

      A plumbed-in cooler can save anywhere between 30% - 70% of running costs versus a bottled water supply. A plumbed-in supply comes at a fixed monthly rate, so you avoid any hidden hits to your annual budget. Even maintenance and bi-annual services are thrown in.e 48lbs bottles – a setback that costs US businesses up to $1bn per week.

      3) Easy installation avoids upfront disruption

      Waterlogic offer a straightforward water cooler installation. A trained technician quickly locates the nearest water source – typically under a sink. Then, taps into the mains supply by fixing a “T” fitting that allows sinks and coolers to share the same input.

      The technician runs a food-grade waterway behind walls and within ceilings to wherever you want a water cooler in your office,being sure to cover the cable for an invisible water supply. The technician finishes the job by connecting the waterway to your cooler, so your team can enjoy freshly filtered water.

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