How To Start PVP In Aion Classic?

  • There are pairs of sorts of PVP in the Aion Classic. First is the Abyss, which is a PVPVE place of the game where the struggle can be performed anywhere anytime. At the amount of 25, your will be able to obtain your 1st technique to PVP.

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    Most of the PVP in the Aion Classic happened in Abyss, the center area of the two fifty percent of the world. To get into the Abyss, you will need to have to complete a series of journeys and boosted your fight capacity. Featuring 4 journeys either for Eloys or Asmodian.

    • Elyos: Test Your Mettle, The Abyss Quiz, Deliver On Your Promises, The Last Test.
    • Asmodian: Honing Your Skills, Abyss General Knowledge, Following Through, The Last Checkpoint

    You can find the entrance at the following site:

    • Elyos: Verteron Citadel, Eltnen Fortress, New Heiron Gate
    • Asmodian: Altgard Fortress, Morheim Fortress, Beluslan Fortress

    The 2nd form of PVP is Rifting. Breaks free between Elyos and also Asmodian areas. There are 2 maps per degree assortment, one is natural PVE, and also the other possesses its rifts. In Aion Classic, PVP and also PVE are incorporated into a PVPVE case, where gamers would certainly battle with both opponents as well as the mobs.

    The game is PVP-oriented and the PVE content is not that huge compared to other games and it has been cut down many times.

    Before we start PVP, we can buy Aion Classic Kinah at, which can help us quickly strengthen our equipment, and then we can gain an advantage in the game.