Report of editorial

  • Citizenship Promise
                      In the column about citizenship promise by the respectable writer.He wanted to tell us what Imran Khan is doing which other governments didn't. Imran Khan is now giving attention to those who were being neglected by previous governments. For example, in this column writer tells us that Imran Khan has taken an unannounced step in favour of Bangali's and Afghani's, i.e now these people will be able to get Pakistani CNIC's and passports. He wants to improve the condition of Pakistan by giving everyone their rights. But  alot or almost every party is against PTI or Imran Khan.This step provides them with a big chance to show opposition against PTI. If Imran Khan consults with parliament and with local people then he can strengthen his position. In the end of this column the writer said "All sides should remember that the current state of pakistan is dismal and unacceptable."

                In this interesting column, writer talks about UNDP(United Nations Development Programme) the annual UN Human Development Index,it is due to the lack of education,income etc. In Pakistan there is no free education for children. Only few people educate their children. But most of the girls from illiterate and rural backgrounds cannot study enough because people prefer educating boys more than girls. Their minds won't allow them to educate girls because according to their logical thinking, girl's job is to look after her husband,kids or house only. They don't think that girls can also contribute to the betterment of family like boys. The author tries to explain that,girls can also help Pakistan to grow economically and politically. If this happens than nobody can stop Pakistan to achieve highest ranks of growth. The writer wants to encourage people through his writing skills,so people would understand that girls can do everything and let their daughters,sisters and wives stud,do jobs and play their part in the improvement of Pakistan.

    Muharram Precautions
    The writer, in this article, emphasizes the importance of security measures that the government should take for the upcoming religious days of 9th and 10th muharram ul haram.These days hold a significant importance in the lives of muslims. The shia community within muslims, hold public gatherings where they show their respect and remind the world of the loss that muslims of the early islam era had to go through at these specific days.Such gathering as held all around Pakistan, therefore it becomes a great responsibility of the government of the state to ensure multiple safety measures. The writer claims that the government, at the very least, should place police personals around such gathering areas. The police officeres should be extra careful about who is entering or leaving the places of gathering.Moreover, ambulances should be available in case of any emergency as to ensure minimum fatalities.And while the mourning period reaches its climax on Ashura, majalis will continue through out Muharram and Safar, whichis why the state must remain vigilant.