This will give you some experience

  • Enhance your interest in "My Brand" to NBA 2K22 MT Coins draw sponsors. Alongside the ability parameters the character may also have additional "My Brand" values ? These values could include "fashion" or "music". Whenever the game is completed or the goal is accomplished.

    This will give you some experience and allow you to advance your skill. These points, which are called "personal interest" are used to lure sponsors. The character has the option of signing with the sponsor once the value has reached a particular amount. Further appearance costs may be made payable and the VC Coin can be increased.

    You can boost your "My Brand" by working on various projects throughout the city. You should be aware of how teammates are evaluated during the game. It doesn't necessarily mean your future is smooth sailing even if recruited by a solid team during the NBA draft. As a newly arrived player, unless your abilities in the role have greatly exceeds the average of all players, the period of time in the reserve will be longer than the playing time. More details. At this time, the coach will issue a request and the athlete must get multiple "B"-level teammate ratings in the game in order to be the player to Buy NBA 2K22 MT start.