I've been wandering through

  • I've been wandering through OSRS Gold over the past couple of days, lost in. What made RS so great in the past was the small guilds and associations which popped out without Jagex. This thread is dedicated to them and hopefully will help them get back to the number of players they enjoyed.

    World 66 Laws - This is among the oldest members of organisations. The concept is simple. You bring essense, they issue laws and a list of essense. Red robes are worn by official crafters. World 16 Airs Just like law-running the event is for freeplay...all you do is bring the crafters some essense and they will give you airs and essentials. World 132 Yanille Flutchers This is a space where the fletchers relax in peace, away from the main banks. Do you know of any other, where people simply meet to play in peace?

    This is the reason you should boss

    I'm here to share with you the benefits from bossing. It's not going to be beneficial for lower levels however it can be helpful when you reach a decent combat level. Benefits ---- as you do bossing you also raise your bank value gradually. whats good is that you will get a wide range of drops, and you won't get bored. I am confident that after a while of battling, you'll have enough for chaos (or 99), ayak(charms also) and pro gear, 99 mage, and range deending on how much you invest in.

    The divine sigil and god of war dungeons and torva armour can be obtained from bosses with high rank. Because most teams need extremes and turmoil, you don't have to get the 96 herblore.

    The fire cape/bandos armouror other weapons that are chaotic will increase your chances of killing enemies and getting into teams. They are also very useful when you are trying to find party hats. If you are able to reduce the cost of expensive skills, such as herblore, you could obtain an effigy from bosses (ONLY LOO'S). People that are scared to be bossed due to their low level can do masses for bosses and hope to get rich by using the lootshare system.

    Buy Old School RuneScape Gold----Takes extremely long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or torva armour from nex and can get frustrating but the effort is well worth it. The best method to increase your chances of getting many drops is to acquire more requirements, like extremes and chaos weapons. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a boss.