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  •         shaista javed

           cms no:25109                                                                                                         Dawn editorial   "Analysis" 

      Citizenship promise 

             The importance of this editorial is pm special annousment during Karachi visit.He announced Afghans and Bengali's living in Pakistan make them proper citizen of Pakistan  by issuing them CNIC and passport.He announced those who are living here for more the four decades and those benglis who staying here from sepration time and all those Afghani and Bengali who lived and raised here. Importance of this announcement as PM noticed that due to lack of rights they indulge in depression and crimes. And as they are living here they should have rights and dignity. As by this view imran khan announced it but it is necessary before apply this decision proper consultant with parliamentarians,there is significant electoral and political dimension to this issue that  is needed. For example if they have granted voting there would be a electoral dynamics altered.By keeping all this in view it is although a positive step by imran khan but all communities and also apposition parties ,parliamentarians should all consulted by taking their proper opinion and also keeping is mind is this well for country.

    Development decline 

                          The UNDP's latest annual Human development raise the issue of inequality due to disparities in income education,Health and access to technology in less develops countries and and worsley affecting their living styles.Pakistan is ranking 150th in list of 189 countries in areas such as in which life expectancy education and living standard. This is the problem due to inequality as in different areas of Pakistan as boys have freedom t educate themselves girls have not .And it is a danger to sustain development  because if in a country progress everyone has right to contribute and education is necessary for both girls and boys as they together contribute to enhance country development and make it prosper.But unfortunately due to lack of all this even in some areas where the of women is completely neglected where she doesn't have right to take decision even she can't give her opinion so, worse condition which badly effect our country development because its need of time to work both genders together to make country proud.To raise both role equally and use of empowerment  taking strong measures against inequality and by giving equal rights to women and minorities and admitting their contribution could make our country most developed state on the map of world.

    Muharram Precautions 

                          The most pure honorable day Ashura on Friday, on this day Traditionally majalis and mourning processions on 8,9,10 Muharram. On this occasion a lot of security problems. By regarding this administration take special security measures,In Baluchistan 20,000 law enforcer for defence. About 70,000 police personal wil be deployed all across sindh. Its responsibility for administration to make this religious occasion peaceful by proper security planning.Few steps should be taken to make it calmful  so, that no violent condition disputes or unhandaled situation. Intelligence agencies should be on toes to attempt against any suspective condition. if any type of disturbance all communities and ulema should handle in calm and peace ful way.Role of media is very important on this occasion as they would have to avoid broadcast any type of fake news rumors. And all agencies communities have to take special measures to make this occasion peaceful like last year.