Steps for facing crises and to take solid solutions.

  • Shaista javed

    MA BJ


     Steps for facing crises and to take solid solution.  

    As we know that our country is facing a lot of crises like economic crises, water crises, education crises and a lot of others. In this situation when there are lot of problems facing our country it’s our responsibility to take steps and play our role for the welfare of country, to hard work, to work on our skills, to polish them so that we can participate in the progress of our beloved homeland. By this not a huge but we can contribute minute during these situation when our country is facing huge economic problems and all of us should work on a large or a small scale as we have ability for this regard. There is also a big problem in Pakistan that is water shortage due to which we are facing a lot of problem as electricity shortage and areas like THAR, in some areas of Karachi people are facing shortage of clean water to drink and they compelled to drink that dirty water which causes a lot of diseases. It’s a good step as chief justice of Pakistan take Diamer, Bhasha and Mohmand dams as in this regard it’s our responsibility to contribute in this campaign for the welfare of our county. As a citizen of Pakistan our responsibility is that everyone should show his personal contribution to save water rather to waste as we save drop by drop time will come it will becomes a  sea. Education is also a very huge problem of this beautiful piece of land ,there is need to take big steps to face the challenges of education ,If we want to stand in the  race of  developed countries it need to work on our education system because if we seriously work to make our education best we can take revolution  only with education when not a single one remains illiterate in our country .We can beat a lot of problems by education as literate brains can defeat the problems by vast thinking , by analysis, by practically working for the solution of problems Pakistan is facing .Also there should be equality for woman’s and minorities so that everyone can equally participate in the welfare of country .Because as a citizen of Pakistan it should be our motto to make our country Proud by keeping  our country progress our first priority ,because the proud of our country is actually our proud.