Some things we learned during the New World closed beta

  • During the New World closed beta, we also learned something about the game. Only a few weeks away from the official launch, Amazon’s entry into the MMO category is far from perfect, but there are many things to like. New World began its internal beta phase on July 20, providing fans who pre-ordered Amazon to enter the MMO type with a jump opportunity to enter the action first. After nearly two weeks, this test seems to be a success. The highest number of concurrent players after it launched the game for the first time has exceeded 200,000. Here are some of the content we learned during the New World internal beta phase.

    The good
    New World is committed to adding fun to the entire MMO genre, and there are many things to like in the game. When players enter the game, the first thing they see is a magnificent and exquisite picture and a relaxing and practical tutorial, allowing players to learn everything about the game and continue to explore this open world. And players can get New World Coins by doing missions.

    No more classes
    One of the key features that made New World stand out among its contemporaries is the shift from career systems to weapon-based development. When players use a particular weapon, they will upgrade it and gain new abilities in the process. But the player can switch to something new at any time. This allows players to change their play style and try new things without having to completely upgrade new characters. By being able to switch between two well-equipped loads, it can also benefit players in battle. However, players need the correct stats to praise the weapon of choice, but players can reset the stats before level 20 and choose a different path for a small fee. The weapons in New World now seem to be relatively balanced, and providing a way to change at any time is a refreshing feature.

    It will launch New World on August 31. Those who are interested and want to get excellent results in the game can now Buy New World Coins to prepare for the arrival of the game. At the same time, if you want to get more news, you can also follow IGGM to get everything you want!