What should I pay attention to when using wet wipes to clean th


    There are currently two types of Beauty Care Wipes on the market, one contains Skincare ingredients, which are disinfected; the other contains no skin care ingredients, but has a disinfecting function, also called disinfectant wipes, which can be disinfected and sterilized Effectively, these two kinds of wet wipes are suitable for wiping the face.

    Although there are many benefits of wiping the face with wet wipes, alcohol is usually added to the wipes, which is irritating to the skin. When the skin is often exposed to alcohol, it will disrupt the skin's acid-base balance and affect the skin's normal oil secretion. It will become very dry, the pores will become larger and larger, irritating, and the face will be prone to acne.

    What are the benefits of wiping the face with wet wipes?

    1. Clean facial dust. When you go out, a lot of dust and bacteria will inevitably fall on your face, especially in some harsh environments. When there is no clean water, you can use wet wipes to wipe your face. It not only eliminates facial dust and bacteria, but also refreshes and keeps the face clean.

    2. Moisturize the skin. The liquid ingredients contained in ordinary wet wipes are distilled water or pure water. In addition to disinfectants, flavors and other ingredients, good wet wipes also contain aloe vera gel, vitamin E, glycerin, malic acid and other skin care ingredients for wiping. The face can quickly moisturize the skin and keep the skin moisturized.

    3. Remove makeup. Wet wipes also contain wet wipes, which have makeup remover functions. The liquid in the wet wipe is a weakly acidic makeup remover made of soft fibers. Makeup girls use it to wipe the face to remove deep holes. The makeup dirt is dissolved and cleaned to achieve the effect of removing makeup.

    4. Disinfect facial wounds. Disinfecting wipes use non-woven fabrics, fabrics, dust-free paper or other raw materials as carriers, purified water as production water, appropriate preservatives and other auxiliary materials to clean and disinfect skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, it can be used when there is a wound on the face. Wipe the face with a wet wipe to disinfect the wound.

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