• Zarbab Ayesha Malik

    CMS: 25911

    Msc  Mass Communication.

    Dawn Editorial Report-Critical Analysis

    In today’s newspaper the most important news that was discussed in editorial was Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Karachi. He promised citizenship to the forgotten communities, those who were born and raised in Pakistan e.g Afghans and Bengalis living here for many decades. It is considered important for them to be recognised as Pakistanis so that they can vote like any other citizen. He also promised water recycling plants and also put the emphasis on dam issue and funds needed to build these dams. As we all know that if we don’t do something now, the upcoming generation will be deprived of the most basic necessity for life, Water. It is already known that till 2025 we will have to face some serious water crisis if we don’t do something about it now. Water crisis can cause many problems like health issues, dehydration, load shedding etc. To save our country it was necessary to start a campaign on these issues.

    The growing poverty in our country and Khan’s promise on eradicating it was also the topic of discussion. He decided to use China’s way of development. These are the major issues that Pakistan is facing right now and were needed to be discussed.

    The police system in our society has always been on the limelight but not for good reasons. Laws that were made years before Pakistan came into being are still somewhat applicable. Because of the low salary and zero questioning a lot of the officers if not all, they themselves don’t follow the law hence bribery, false punishments and fear of false allegations is terrorizing the poor community and rich usually get away with illegal activities.

    Court cases are delayed for years and years. A committee has been formed to work on these issues and our country a better place to live in. Recently an incident took place when a train that was going to Peshawar from Karachi and got off the track injured 21 passengers. Our railway tracks are years and years old and need to be renewed. Railway tracks are built on difficult and dangerous roads but there are far more dangerous tracks all over the world but security measures are there to ensure the safety of the citizens and that was this also important news on today’s newspaper.

    Human rights and mental health are big issues that Pakistan has to deal with. A lot of people are suffering from depression, anxiety and some other mental health issues. People are suffering from mental disorders and personality disorders but it’s a taboo here to even discuss about these issues let alone going to see a therapist. Many clinics and hospitals are treating these patients with less care, in inhumane manner. We need non-abusive environment. Widespread stigma and discrimination lead to misconceptions that people with mental disorders cannot be trusted which is very absurd. All these issues were the most discussed and important in today’s newspaper.