UN agencies in Pakistan

  • UN Agencies in Pakistan

    UN ( UNITED NATIONS) has been working widely in different countries to help them upgrade their lifestyle and to resolve conflicts wherever there is a need. This Organization was established on October  24, 1945.  

    193 nations are a member of this organization and Pakistan is one of them, Pakistan joined UN in 1947 just after it became a separate, sovereign nation. Since then UN has been trying to work hard on the problems that often occur in the nation and to support the efforts of the government and the people of Pakistan to improve the lifestyle and to make it a developed, prosperous nation. It tries to ensure that though it be a powerful person or a vulnerable person, all must have an equal life.

    UN has subsidiaries which are focusing on different matters, for e.g Education, health, Funds and many more. There are plenty more agencies of UN which are currently working in Pakistan, some of them are as follow:

    UNICEF: The main aim of this organization is to protect the rights of the children. To promote the equal rights that should be given to women and girls so that they can participate in politics, social and economic development of their communities. UNICEF released a program in Pakistan known as the Cohesion and Resilience (SCR) which have been implemented from 2012-2016 as a part of UNICEF’s global learning for Peace programme, which builds an earlier study , Social Cohesion of Children youth in Pakistan. Then there is the Pakistan National Education 2009 which highlights the social goals of education which can build a more tolerant society.

    UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) which is an agency of the UN, which was established on November 4, 1946. The main objective of this agency is to contribute in the promotion of peace and security through collaborating with other nations in the field of (education, science, communication, culture and information). The UNESCO generates favorable environment, place new ideas and transfer knowledge.

    UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. This agency’s main aim in Pakistan is to bring prosperity and to come up with a solution which is lasting for one of the largest and most protracted refugee situations in the world.