Pak-China Relations

  • Pak-China Relations:

    Pakistan-China diplomatic relations were established in 1950. Pakistan-China relationship is the personification of persistent friendship, regardless of how different the culture and beliefs are.  Pakistan and China has contributed a lot within the passing years to make their bond stronger in every way and to make a strategic partnership which is based on sharing the same values and interests. According to the famous Chinese saying “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Over the time both the nations have proved this saying true.

    The first step to start the journey was taken by Pakistan when it recognized China as an independent state in 1950: The step which was taken for the strategic partnership was in 2005 when both the countries signed a treaty of friendship, Cooperation and Good-neighborly relations. Back to the history lane China has also faced security threats from India which caused both the nations to have a stronger bond

    Pakistan and China have had steady growth in mutual investments in recent years. In the last few years, China has invested a lot in Pakistan; there has been an investment of more than USD1.3 billion In Pakistan. Currently, a large number of Chinese companies are working in Pakistan in different sectors.

    Chinese goods are on the demand list of Pakistani markets. Their experience has been positive due to convenient trade flow. China is in the top five list of import source of Pakistan. After the Bin Laden operation and tensions between US, China has been the only supportive nation to stand for Pakistan.

    Pakistan-China Friendship year 2011 was indeed a very good step to boost educational ties.

    There is a lot of potential for trade between Pakistan and China as they have the ideal geographic locations as well. In the present time geo-political and geo strategic dynamics, Pakistan and China need each other more than ever. China can be of greater help, it can guide Pakistan to increase its economic growth just as China has doubled its GDP in 10 years, while it took USA over 50 years to do the same.