Epicene in Pakistan

  • Epicene in Pakistan: 

    Epicene is regarded as a very sensitive issue, Who are you? What are you?  The questions that are asked by the people who call themselves more human and think that the transgender community is hexed or is something inhuman, are derogatory.  People have been treating them since the early years as if they are not humans, as if being born a transgender is a crime which has no way out, the only way out of it is to live in misery or to be killed by people, or to be disowned by their own parents  at the time of their birth, to be left on the roads when they even cannot move or cry out loud in pain to the Lord for the way that people treat His creation. Wherever they go they are ill – treated, as if they are inferior, as if they do not have the right to live a normal life just like every other person. Many activists have raised their voices against the brutality which the transgender community has to face every other day of their life.

    In the passing years there have been a lot of transgender murders, mainly in Khyber Pakhutnkhwa just because people think that they do not have the right to live or they are a shame to this world.

    The transgender community is neither given the right to study nor the right to do jobs. They are not given any kind of health care or security for life. In 2013 The Supreme Court of Pakistan gave rights to the transgender community but still they have not been implemented in the true spirit. The community and, even their own families do not want to accept them as one of their own.

    After all the hardships and after all the loathing that they had to experience, Pakistan’s Parliament passed a law that gives transgender citizens the right to self-identity. A law which guarantees that they shall not be discriminated by their employees or peers. 

    As the time is passing, the Bill which was passed is doing some good to the community. We can see the transgender community being allowed to work now, the first transgender anchor, the first transgender professor; all this is because the bill has brought faith and encouragement to the transgender community that now people can start seeing them as more human now, not the only people who could dance and sing for them.