Little Things That Matter

  • Every day, I come across something that leave me thinking, thinking about the little things that we do wrong, but if done correctly, they can make a huge difference in someone’s life! There are a lot of things that we practice on the daily basis without realizing how wrong they are and surprisingly no one ever stops us or corrects us as well.  

    The first thing that I'd like to mention here is wrong in every sense of the word, not only from the humanity point of view but also from the livelihood point of view and that is bargaining with the street vendors, literally all of us do it on daily basis, it is a daily scene of suppressing these street sellers with the minimum price that frequently goes in favor of the buyer.  

     I see people trying to reduce the 30 rupees per kg price tag for 20 rupees per kg. They feel proud after doing this and they try to show their intelligence in front of others too. Those citizens display their happiness as if they have finished an impressive deal for 25 rupees as a replacement for 35 rupees from that “tricky guy” as they say about the unfortunate road seller. “Trick” Is it truly?  

    Nearly all of us are skeptical on this matter that these poor people who are selling vegetables, stationary items, fruits, household goods and services are cunning and they may ask for higher rates. So, think them as devils on the streets and bargain at their prices. The 20 rupees that you just bargained will not affect your live in any way but those 20 rupees can make a difference in that seller’s life, maybe he’ll be able to feed 1 more member of his family with those 20 rupees. 

    We spent thousands of rupees on brands, it feels like a great achievement when we find a dress in sale for 3200rs which was originally for 4000, but we cannot buy something that is for 30 rupees for its original price, is that fair? Next time when you bargain with a street vendor, stop right there and think for a second that these people are not running businesses, they need each and every penny to feed their families that are waiting for them back at home. 

    The other thing which we often fail to realize is not giving way to the ambulance, can you imagine being stuck in an ambulance waiting for the cars to move so that you can reach the hospital to save the life of a loved one? The ambulance blaring siren and flashing lights yet no one’s moving. Unfortunately, this is what typically happens in Pakistan every day.  

    Everyone understands the importance of few seconds, minutes, hours at the time of medical emergency, we need not be an doctor to know the emergency situation but if we are kindhearted and having an humanitarian care on our fellow beings, you can save a life by just moving to your left side of the road while driving and giving way to the ambulance in the right thereby they reach the respective hospitals at right time. Keep left and give way in the right, next time we you hear an ambulance siren just put yourself in the shoes of those who are in that ambulance and give way, because it can happen with literally anyone of us, and what goes around comes back around for sure!  

    Another thing which I often see happening is, how people misbehave with beggars or transgenders, we need understand that it takes immense courage and emotional strength to put your self-respect aside and beg! It breaks my heart to see how these beggars get insulted by people, THEY ARE HUMANS AS WELL, JUST LIKE US! We all are equal for Allah so who are we to disrespect them like this? Only they know what they’re going through that forced them to beg. So next time if someone asks you for help don’t mistreat them just because you're in a better position than them, it’s Allah who chose these positions for us, we could have been on the other side as well.  

    Another habit that most of us have developed is, misbehaving with our teachers. Let's go back in time, let’s say 2006, could you even imagine arguing with your teacher or even looking straight into her eyes while she/he was talking? No, right!  Media has brought a drastic change into our society, good and bad both, I don’t know about the good changes right now but a bad change that it brought was how it showed misbehaving with your teachers in a way that it looked acceptable and with time our students adapted it. Islam has given a very high rank to the teacher, but unfortunately, we now misbehave with our teachers and argue with them and what not!  

    These are just a few of the many things that we tend to ignore on a daily basis, without realizing how wrong they are, if we get rid of these habits, we will be able to make a huge difference.

    Good deeds go a long way..