Places to visit in Gilgit-baltistan

  • Gilgit-Baltistan, formerly known as the Northern Areas is the northernmost administrative territory in Pakistan. There is so much to do in Gilgit Baltistan. No matter what time of year you visit, you will find there is never enough time to enjoy all the fun, the beauty of landscape, the Hugh Mountain, the clean water in lakes and, roads etc. Spring bursts forth with tree bloom, making it one of the best times to visit beautiful valleys, lakes and hill stations. In summer, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, climbing or swimming. In winter you can enjoy snow activities like skiing or snowboarding. Autumn brings the falling of leaves from trees and the white of the canes in contrast with evergreen conifers. For every season in Gilgit Baltistan, there are lots to do, plenty to see and everything to enjoy!

    • Phander valley:

    A twisting road passing through plush green fields and forests with a view of flowing river and ice peaks will lead you to this Phandar valley. From springs of crystal clear waters to lakes and rivers of deep blue water, there are all colors of nature beauty. This valley is regularly called (little Kashmir), and it is situated in Ghizer valley area in Gilgit Baltistan. Phandar was a farming town with plush green fields fed by melting snow from the surrounding mountains. It felt like a piece from paradise.

    • Attabad lake:

    Attabad Lake also known as Gojal Lake, Attabad Lake is a lake in Gojal Valley, Hunza Gilgit Baltistan. The lake was created in January 2010 by a big landslide dam. The lake has since become a tourist attraction itself for its unique blue color and dramatic mountain background. It’s a beautiful place to visit. You can cross other side of this lack by boat now the 5 big tunnels been constructed and the road is now open to all types of traffic between China and Pakistan

    • Deosai Plains:

    Deosai is located on the boundary of the Karakoram and the Western Himalayas and it is one of the highest highlands in the world standing at 4100meters and is spread over The outstanding background is covered with snow for almost 8 months a year so the best time to visit Deosai and its surroundings is July to September. It is located mostly within Skardu District in Gilgit Baltistan.

    There are top five wonderful places at Deosai Plains to visit:

    1. Sheosar Lake Deosai Gilgit Baltistan
    2. Kala Pani, Deosai the Land of Giants
    3. Deosai Top, Ali Malik Mar Pass
    4. Bara Pani Deosai National Park Gilgit Baltistan
    5. Shatoung Nala, Deosai Gilgit Baltistan
    • Naltar valley:

    Naltar is just another beautiful pine forested valley located in Gilgit district. Naltar valley is one of the most beautiful places in Gilgit Baltistan located near Gilgit and you can see the scenery of nalter valley, your mouth will remain open. Naltar is dense pine forest valley with superb landscapes, wildlife, green vegetation, flowers, snow-covered mountains, lakes, watercourses and echoing with the cheeping of numerous birds. Naltar is 40 km from Gilgit city and can be reached by jeeps or other public transport available from Gilgit and also famous for skiing activities in the winter.

    • Altit fort Hunza:

    Altit Fort is an earliest fort at Altit town in the Hunza valley in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.  Altit Fort and in particular the Shikari tower is around 1100 years old, which makes it the    oldest memorial in the Gilgit–Baltistan. In 2007 after a wide restoration project by the Aga Khan Cultural Services, Pakistan, Altit Fort opened as a museum, café, culture center, and also houses the offices of a successful Women’s Social Enterprise. Visitors to Altit Fort can walk the cobbled streets of the surrounding settlement of Altit Khun and enjoy traditional Hunza food at the Kha Basi Cafe located in the Fort’s plush garden and apricot orchard. The fort contains superb architectural designs and strategic location which is the center of attention for many tourists. It is also the home town of the Hunza Kingdom and this was the first fort built in this region.

    • Fairy Meadows:

    Fairy Meadows named by German climbers (German Marchenwiese, “fairy tale meadows”) and locally known as Joot, is grassland near one of the base camp sites of the Nanga Parbat, located in Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan. Fairy Meadows is also called “Heaven on Earth” due to its unique beauty. The greatest time to visit Fairy Meadows is between end of June and middle of August. The place becomes unreachable in winter due to heavy snowfall. The site of Fairy Meadows, though partially developed, generates about PKR 17 million revenue from tourism, mainly by providing food, transportation and accommodation services. The main attraction of this place other than the meadows itself is the view of Huge Nanga Parbat Mountain; tourists usually hike to the base camp of the mountain from Fairy Meadows and they will enjoy the natural bueaty.

    • K2 base camp:

    Rising high out of the Karakorum Mountain range at 28,251 feet in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, K2 is the world’s second tallest mountain .Trekking on Baltoro Glacier, reaching Concordia and K2 base camp is one of the world’s famous trekking routes, while crossing Ghondoghoro La at 5650m needs good technical experience and equipment. K2 base camp track is one of the most rewarding and challenging routes in the world.

    • Kunjerab pass:

    Khunjerab Pass is a high mountain pass in the Karakoram Mountains in a strategic position on the northern border of Pakistan and on the southwest border of China. When you reach Khunjerab Pass, you see a beautiful meadow with snow covered mountains on all sides and a grassy landscape with small pools truly a graphic treat. But the harsh weather conditions recap you of the amazing accomplishment that is the Karakoram Highway. Another thing is that June and July will be a peak season for Tourist and you might find hotel rates too high in this season, and remember to keep warm clothes with you as you will feel a drop in temperature after crossing Gilgit and it will be too cold at Khunjerab Pass.

    • Satpara Lake:

    Satpara Lake is natural lake situated about 9 kilometers north of Skardu (the capital of Baltistan), in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Situated at an altitude of 2,635 meters (8645 feet) the lake is reached after 20 minutes of jeep drive from Skardu. Satpara Lake with its marvelous and wonderful beauty is considered one of the most charming lakes among tourists. The lake’s crystal clear waters present a marvelous and charming view to visitors by mirroring the icy mountains; encircled around the lake. One can do fishing, motor boating and paddling at the lake.

    • Rama Meadow:

    Rama Meadow is ahead of Rama Village and is almost 11 KM away from Astore district; which is one of the largest districts of Gilgit-Baltistan. The beautiful and serene plain ‘Rama Meadow’ is a must visit place due to its lush greenery and above all the peaceful environment. The traditional food item of this area is “Mamtu.” The cooking process of Mamtu is very special just like its taste. It is cooked in a flow of steam and very famous food item of this area.

    • Kahlti lack Ghizer:

    Khalti Lake is located in Gupis, District Ghizer, Gilgit Baltistan. It is 20-30 minutes’ drive from Gupis. Gupis Valley is located about 112 kilometers in west of Gilgit on the bank of River Gilgit, in District Ghizer of Gilgit-Baltistan region, Pakistan. The dark blue waters of lake during summer look very delightful. The lake usually freezes during winter, it becomes crystal clear, villagers of Khalti and other people use to walk on it. Khalti Lake is famous for being home of trout fish. There is beautiful restaurant near the Khalti Lake. A PTDC hotel is situated nearby to facilitate tourists.

    • Shangrila resort, Skardu:

    In the north of Pakistan, Skardu the significant valley of Gilgit Baltistan is a perfect amalgam of serenity, beauty, and wilderness. From Deosai to Skardu, the road is full of thrill and by crossing Satpara Lake you can reach to these beautiful resorts. You can find many food places in Skardu easily. But if you want to make your visit memorable then must try a restaurant in Shangrila rest house that is the best part of this place, which is built in the structure of an aircraft. So you can enjoy food over here.

    • Trango Towers, Gilgit-Baltistan:

    The Trango Towers also known as “the towers of inspiration” are a family of rock towers situated in Gilgit Baltistan, in the north of Pakistan. The Towers offer some of the largest cliffs and most challenging rock climbing in the world, and every year a number of journeys from all corners of the globe visit Karakoram to climb the difficult granite. They are located north of Baltoro Glacier, and are part of the Baltoro Muztagh.


    There are so many other places to visit in Gilgit .I am mention few of them. There are so many other places to visit you can enjoy a lot. Just visit one time in your life.