live a successfull life

  • Live a successful life

    Success is a thought that means different things to different people. Though no matter what success is to you, it almost surely isn’t something will come easily. When you talk of success with reference to life, it does not just mean succeeding in everything that you undertake or do; it does not only mean succeeding in fulfilling all wants or getting whatever you wish; it does not just mean acquiring a name or attaining a position or imitating fashionable ways and appearing modern or up-to-date. The core of true success is what you make of yourself. It is the conduct of life that you develop, it is the character that you promote, and it is the type of person you become. This is the central meaning of successful living. Such a successful life is one that succeeds in producing a perfect individual. Your success is not measured in terms of what all you gain but in terms of what you become, how you live, and what actions you do. Upon this point reflect well and reach great happiness. There are many stages of life we have to develop our self. First, is mimicry: As children, the way we’re wired to learn is by watching and mimicking others. First we learn to do physical skills like walk and talk small thing. Then we develop social skills by watching and representing our peers around us. Then, finally, in late childhood, we learn to adapt to our culture by observing the rules and standards around us and trying to behave in such a way that is generally considered acceptable by society. In Stage One, a person is solely dependent on other people’s actions and approval to be happy. This is a horrible strategy because other people are unpredictable and undependable. In Stage Two self-discovery: one becomes reliant on oneself, but they’re still reliant on external success to be happy making money, accolades, victory, conquests, etc. These are more controllable than other people, but they are still mostly random in the long-run. Stage Three commitment: relies on a handful of relationships and endeavors that proved themselves strong and worthwhile through Stage Two. These are more reliable. A commitment obligates you to do something. Some commitments are large, like marriage, when you take a job, you're making a commitment to show up and do the job well, and your employer makes a commitment to pay you. And finally, Stage Four legacy: requires we only hold on to what we’ve already accomplished as long as possible. Legacy is a powerful life tool for all ages and a substance for social change Legacy is about life and living. It's about learning from the past, living in the present, and structure for the future.

    These four stages of our life will be prepared for us to do good, successful and happy life.

    There are many key of success to a happy life:

    • First, we set a Goal:

    First, you must form a correct conception of how you demand to develop and perfect yourself. You must promote a clear-cut idea of what you want to become. This will give you a definite and clear-cut goal in life. Without such an aim, your life cannot move forward strongly and progressively. Those who are successful set daily achievable goals. Find success by solidifying goals that are smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Get rid of long-term goals and create small daily goals to achieve your vision more easily.

    • Second, we take Responsibility for our life:

    Responsibility doesn’t come during childbirth. It is something that is obtained as your age, go to class and advance throughout everyday life. Your awareness of other’s expectations can originate from your family, relatives, and companions or from something you see on TV. In any case, you can hear and see many things, both great and awful. That is the reason your awareness of other’s expectations depends completely on you. You pick your own particular manner, activities, and words. Along these lines, duty is an expertise. You learn it. In any case, there are different methods for doing as such. You shape your identity with your activities. For instance, it is you who is to rise early consistently, or on the off chance that you need to spare cash or spend it carelessly. It is tied in with the representative to yourself that you can be and that you are, indeed, responsible.

    • A third is great self Discipline:

    It’s the ability to control your impulses, emotions, reactions and behaviors; it allows you to forego short-term gratification in favor of long-term satisfaction and gain. It’s saying “no” when you really want to say “yes.” It isn’t about leading a restrictive and boring life void of enjoyment. In fact, it’s next to impossible to be self-disciplined in all areas of your life. Rather than attempting to be disciplined in all you do, use it to focus on what’s most important.

    • Fourth is to obsessed with self-development:

    When the focus is on making something better. Obsession can also denote a higher level of energy, pushing you toward your goal.  When it comes to strong obsessions, it doesn’t get any better than an obsession with self-improvement.

    • Fifth They read a lot:

    Successful people read a lot, and they are obligated a lot of their success to the knowledge they've gained while reading.  Reading will benefit their mind. Their mind will open they think positive, they do positive, first they decide and then they will act and they know what they want and they will be happy.

    • Sixth They manage their time well:

    Good time management allows you to achieve more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your tension, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success.

    Putting off important tasks until the last minute can cause you unnecessary stress, and increase the likelihood of errors and neglect. Manage your time so that you have enough time to complete tasks successfully.

    Use an organizer to help keep you organized throughout the day, week, and month.

    Make a list of all the things you want to do in a given day, and check off each task as you complete it. This will help you stay organized and motivated. Time management is essential to success. You will plan your time, manage your time then you will be a successful men/women and a happy life.

    • Seven They take risks:

    Some of the most successful, influential, and inspiring people in the world have met some pretty major failure. Taking a look at the failures and rough times of others is one of the best ways to get over your own shortcomings. It's important to see that failure is a part of the process, and that to be successful you absolutely must learn to make it a tool as opposed to the barrier. Failure pains and that may never change, but it how you learn to get better. Sometime someone is failing their life they will think to destroy their life these are not a good solution, instead, he should try further. They will be the success and their life is happy.

    • Eight The find a way to win:

    People who are curiously successful think and act differently from the crowd. They have an attitude that is confident, respectful, and full of action. They are doing the work they love, and they love the people they work with and they will enjoy. They don't concentrate on being successful, but success follows them wherever they go.

    • Nine They do what they love:

    By Doing What You Love, Success will follow you no doubt about it. But you have to be insistent and you have to keep going no matter what. They will happy with their life, they are successful in their life.



    My suggestion is that those who will fail their class, field or other time of life so hold on to and keep working hard.

    You can set a goal and achieve them.

    Manage your time well and take a little time for your family.

    Think positive, do positive, success will automatically kiss your step.

    Where you will work, love your work; love the people who work with you.

    You will do, think positive you will be happiest in your life and you will live a successful life.

    Be happy and successful in your life and do good things, think positive, do positive and work positive (Ameen).