Difficult life

  • Difficult Life

    People thinks that the bad moments we face makes our life difficult and facing a lot of problems is difficult life but I think different about this. In my view the bad moments didn’t make our life difficult but our think makes it to its way. I agree that we are facing a lot of problems in our life but it not means that it makes our life difficult. We are the only ones make our life difficult through our negative thinking. It’s not our fault that we are negative thinker but the main reason is that we are living in such a community from where we adopt such thinking from childhood. It’s easy to get rid of bad thinking we called as negative thinking and to make our life easy or beautiful. Bad moments of our life are bringing a lot of lessons if we want to think deeply then we will learn a lot of ways to make our life most beautiful. If we understand any moment we know what that moment taught us and how to solve the problem. No one in this earth is all time happy or we called that they didn’t facing any problems in their life even they are rich or poor. Rich people have a lot of facilities and whatever they want it’s easy for them to buy but they can’t stop the natural problems but only to solve the problem. Same like poor people facing a lot of problems then rich peoples but they with the passage of time they are becoming strong then other ones. They are getting lesson from the difficult life and struggling more for the better life. The poor’s are only people with strong hearts because with many problems in their life they are always thankful to God and enjoying the difficult moments of their life. I am watching a lot of peoples moving around me and feeling someone happy but the others sad. Its fact if there is something wrong in your life obviously you will be sad and worry about it and if something in your life is happening good you will be happy for it but the thing is that what lesson you learn from the both moment. Some people didn’t satisfied with their life even its happy life or difficult. But the solution is that how you handle that moment of your life and what you want to think may it positive or will be negative, it depends on you. If we will think positive in all moments of our life, we will live happy life and all kind of problems will become easy for us like just an easy game to play and win. People thinks that bad moments are just come to disturb our mind but I am not agree because they came to change our life or something new to happening with us which we don’t know at that time but may later. At that time the problems are disturbing our mind when we are getting stressed of that problem and thinking too much about it so at any situation in life we have to just relaxed our mind and say that not this problem is bigger than God, all will be fine and with this hope we have to relax our heart, through this we will become positive thinker. It’s important to change our mind into positive and if we make it our habit we will live happy life and no any problems will destroy our mind.

    The other solution to solve the problem of difficult life is education which almost people are getting through many ways. In my view education is solution of all problems because we daily see a lot of educated and uneducated peoples and especially the difference among them. Some people are getting education without any difficulty but the others faces a lot of problems during their education period. Education is the best way of solving life problems. Educated people finds problem solutions and uneducated people getting stressed and don’t know about the solution or how to handle any problem in life. Mostly uneducated persons are feeling a lot of problems in their life because they have no idea about any solution or we called they have no education which is the best way of solving life difficulties. Through education people lives happy life or easy life because they have an idea about to live happy. They have much knowledge about everything because of which they makes their life beautiful and enjoyable. They know every trick to get rid of difficulty in their life and make it easy for them. They know how to implement their knowledge and where to implement it. Every problem solution is education and it’s more important than other solutions of difficult life. Like poor people life more difficult than others because they can’t effort their Childs to get education and they didn’t had a job or they can’t apply for a job to get money for fulfill their needs. For fulfill their needs they are becoming beggars and also sending their child’s to bring money for food, because of which they are making their life more difficult is rejecting education and preferring begging. If they will send their child’s to school they will know about the solutions of their problems and they will become happy. Educated people are searching new ways of living happy life because they have different ideas and broad knowledge in their mind. Only reading book is not education but getting a lot of knowledge about everything and know different ways of living easy life but also help powerless peoples to make their life beautiful. Though we called education is important in any way and whatever our life we can’t left getting education is but to educate our people and get important toward education. We should take education serious and also guide uneducated people to get interest in education and also send their child’s to school.

    We are accepting that life is difficult comes with that we have the duty to make it better. Not only do another have the responsibility to make it better but also we are the responsible of it, we have the skill and manage to make it better. We can make it better become a better worker and someone importance giving more responsibilities at work. The promotions and the better pay are clear in our mind to follow one way or another. We can make it better learn how to move up better children and have a happier home. We can make it better learn how to revolve that business around. Achieve the extra skills we need to run a successful business. We see, the only individual we have any control over is our self. We cannot change other people. Let’s take the example of marriage for moment. Notice that I did not say you should turn your husband or partner into an ideal spouse. I said you should become the ideal husband or wife you want your partner to be. Then, once you become such a person you may have several choices as to how to relate to your partner. Firstly, once you are as near perfect a partner as anyone can be your husband or wife might see the difference and also decide to change for the better or may it’s possible that because of your attitude they naturally change their behavior. Secondly, if they don’t change, perhaps you will have reached a level of old age where you are content and satisfied with who they are and their faults no longer bother you. Or thirdly, in some cases, such as in rude relationships or in relationships that are a risk to your health, you may reach a level of self acceptance and courage where you are able to leave that violent or traitorous partner. Whatever the case may be, this example illustrates one other important reality about the fact that life is hard and taking responsibility. No matter what situation we are in, we have a choice. No issue how bad things we have a better choice. No issue what we think we can or cannot do, we have a choice. Now it may not be an simple option for us, by any means. May be it’s a very hard choice and the way we choose to take may be a harsh one. It may push us the way out of our reassure zone. It may mean that in the first period of our life may get even harder than it already is. But it is a choice however. Sometimes we actually find that the choices are not as hard as we thought they were. We may just have shut off our mind from seeing those choices and potential because we thought we had no choice. Once we become open to the idea that we are responsible for our life and that we have choices, we will find that we are no longer wedged just because life is hard.