Social media impact

  • Social Media means collection of applications (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or YouTube etc.) and websites that link people to share information and aware people about any event or other thing through social networking. Now a day’s social media has been the important part of our life from shopping to electronic mails, education and business tool. Social media plays a very important role in transforming people’s life style. Social media includes social networking sites and blogs where people can easily connect with each other through whatsapp, instegram, face book etc. Since the emergence of these social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as key tools for news, journalists and their organizations have performed a high-wire act. These sites have become a day to day routine for us. Social media has been defined to “the many relatively cheap and widely accessible electronic tools that facilitate anyone to publish and access information, cooperate with each other on a common effort, or build relationship”.

    Social media helps the business around the world to reach. People do not have to travel anymore to do marketing for their business because the lake of time. Social Media is a powerful tool for increasing any business or a company. It is fast and targeted tool. It is very effective to create leads and drive online conversions with seller to customer. Sometime people have no time to go for shopping the use social media for online shopping. This is the best way to save their time. Social media helps the business to get maximum awareness for people. By maintaining a proper campaign it helps the business to get more number of interchange. Positive comments and sharing about a company can help them with sales and good will, it can also improve business sales and reputation. Since people are free to share whatever they want on the social media, it can impact positively when good words and good things are shared.

    Social media can build your brand and even it can destroy your brand also. If the customer is not satisfied with the product you will sell at that very instance the customer can call to action by creating a negative hum about the product in social media. Social media act as influencer on your decision making process because you can do another thing but social media attract you to make another thing. Thus, Social media is an easy way to learn about audience, it helps target audience more successfully and find new customers and increase your audience. It allows you to receive instant feedback from your customer feedback from your customer’s viewpoint, Improve market intelligence and get ahead of your competitors with social media.

    Impact of Social media on the youth. The member of any social media, he or she has to first signup and then sign in to access content and be able to share and chat with other users of that social media platform. Some of the common and widely used social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snap chat, instegram etc. Social media has both negative and positive impacts on our youths. The positive impacts of social media on the youth today include making them up date on the events happening around the world and also enables them network and stay connected with their fellow youths, family and friends without physical meetings. This in turn helps in strengthening relationships say amongst classmates in high school, college or university, who after finishing school, moved to different place around the world. Other media, such as magazines, tv, video games and the Internet, also have the potential to influence children's eating habits, exercise habits, buying habits and mental health. They spend their all time on Facebook, whatsapp and other media sites, in this they don’t have a time to their family. People, especially the young, are often too open and public with personal information when online the people mostly don't read privacy policies and may be unaware that their information may be used by third parties. Criminals use social media to commit crimes; they get information about your whereabouts via social media. The teenagers are the most affected by the addiction of the social media and it’s very bad and can disturb personal lives as well. They get involved very extensively and are ultimately cut off from the society. It can also waste time that individual could have been utilized by productive tasks and activities.  Social media can easily damage someone’s reputation just by creating a false story and spreading across the social media. The people use fake ides to destroy someone life. Similarly businesses can also suffer losses due to bad reputation being conveyed over the social media example some bad comments, fake business detail etc. social media have also positive effect on people. People can educate through social media, if there have any problem to understand any topic they open internet in their laptop or mobile to solve their problem easily. They will stack in any place and their car tires are pincher or any other problem they will open their smartphone to ride careem or ober. They are easily go anywhere through this. People aware about event through media. Social networking services rely on active contribution: users take part in activities and discussions on a site, and upload or create content. This thing supports creativity and can carry discussion about ownership of content and data management. Young people who use social networking services to showcase content like music, film, photography, need to know what permissions they are giving the host service. People have read online books, magazine etc and see useful thing on YouTube. Social Media for business creates great impact for their product and services to sell and buy. Social Media helps business to promote their brands and their business attract people to buy thing. Social media enhance the communication of news, ideas, facts, feelings, and references between every individual. People have aware about admissions scholarships and job opportunities. Some people have don’t know about the best university they will helpful to use media.



    Social media impact on youth. social media plays important role in learning, scholarships and job opportunities about our country and other country. Teenagers mostly use social media for communication with friends, families and group chat with friends. Results also depicts that social media cause health problems and affect our cultures in society. Even as using social media, users have to remember the cultural ethics, social norms, and Islamic values. On the basis of investigation, the major recommendations are; Social media should be used in a positive way. Use of social media in informative way enhances the skills, and abilities. To reduce its negative effects Government has to take some harsh actions. Government should ban corrupt websites. A Strong recommendation for the government is to make policy or community that check which corrupt websites are used by which users.  Government has to make policies to check out unfair reporting of media which damage the society.   A strong recommendation for the users of social media is that they have to keep in mind the purpose of using social media and always use the useful sites. Youth should use their time wisely instead of wasting their precious time on other social networks like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. To safe the future of children, teachers and parents should check out what they actually are doing on social media and their activities on social media.