Hostel life


    A hostel is housing for the students who come from far off their home. Students live there with each other and learn the value of discipline and other things. The atmosphere of a hostel is helpful to study and other group work activity. Generally, hostels are situated close to school, college or university because in hostel majority students are live. Life in a hostel makes a student self-dependent. It makes him smart, active and well-organized. Hostel life is the best time to discover your talents; some become singers, some become poets, here some are dancers and some plays songs for them, in this all are enjoying very much.

     A hostel is controlled by a responsible person as warden. The warden guides the students and she sees whether the rules of the hostel are being followed or not or she identifies the problems faced in a hostel.  There are a lot  of rooms in a hostel; extremely clean, average, extremely dirty. It depends upon the laziness of you and your room partner. In a hostel there is no comparison between a poor and a rich student they are equal in hostel and equal rules for everyone. They all live in similar rooms; take their food from the same mess they sit together in the common room to chat with one another, they play different games together, sometimes debates, discussions and dramatic programs are arranged in the hostel to entertain the students. Sometimes the students bore they have broken the hostel rule like late night party, water falling each other etc. In a hostel, students have to do a number of works by themselves like taking off their belonging, washing their clothes, wash their dish arranging their beds etc. This helps them to be independent. They learn about that what is right and what is wrong for them. Here, they do not depend on their parents but become independent. They depend on themselves not others.  Students stay away from their parents in a hostel and they miss their family very much. They carve for the love and care of their parents, they miss their parents very much and sometime they cry while alone. They feel homesick. Life in a hostel gives confidence to them. They understand their personality and responsibility. They learn to face the problems in their life. They learn self-disciplined, regularity and punctuality. In a hostel the student develops a feeling of respect for other religions and culture. They learn to help and collaborate with one another. They learn social etiquette and lead and promote a well and disciplined life. Hostel life thus helps them to develop many good qualities and make the students good citizens and good daughter/son. We called hostel life is the best life of teaching us different manners of living best life and we learn about that how to independently solve any problems. Living among different culture is the way of learning about the respect of our and also others culture and knowing about the importance of culture. You find different kind of people here, who talks a lot, who sleeps a lot, who cracks poor jokes, who eats a lot, who is ready to help anytime, who can listen to your old stories in 100 times. Living in a hostel with classmates becomes advantageous; especially when one misses a class or does not understand the topic they will combine study in a hostel. A hostel provides a friendly atmosphere for study. Serious students learn many good things in hostels. There is a fixed time for everything. The students have to get up early take their pray after pray they will be self-study. They are to do everything according to the timetable and the timetable is hanging in their beds. There are fixed times for study and sport. The students have to lead a disciplined life and they learn regularity and punctuality. In hostels, the students can get help from the brighter students in their studies and they will help also. They can also borrow books from one another. They have the opportunity of reading newspapers, magazines, novels and other useful books in the reading room attached to a hostel. In a hostel, the students learn many useful lessons about their life. They have to do everything for themselves. This creates in them the habit of self-reliance. In many hostels, the students have to manage the mess and they serve also. The mess provides delicious healthy vegetarian food and sometime junk food also. The all thing they do in hostel in this that thing helps them to learn how to manage a home and spend money carefully. Students of the same age generally live in such places because of their help. Therefore, they learn to have respect for others, to live with others and to help one another in times of need. Hostel life thus helps to develop in students a sense of fellow feeling. The good news is that you will save precious money and you will be able to afford a longer stay, trips and for many other entertainments. In hostel every one meets new people and makes new friends and living happily with each other. It is great to know that hostels usually organize different activities such as parties, movie night, and awareness program for new students or any other events. There is a real competition among hostels. This is the main reason hostels permanently try to come with great offers: Free Wi-Fi, lockers, bed, mattress and other things.  Most of the rooms have their own toilet. When one student feels not better, all her hostel fellows try their best to serve her, their roommates go to hospital with her, they have special food cook for their fellow. Mutual cooperation, kindness, and love are individuality of hostel life. Hostels are the best for students because hostels are about sharing facilities, which includes living and sleeping room, they are generally sociable places where you get chatting to people and mutual understanding creates among the students.  Hostels are the perfect place for exchanging- information, advice, and ideas on where you’re going or where you’ve been. Some senior’s student helps the juniors for their study especially making assignments and projects and when they feel bore they are giving support and advice from the seniors. They learn to speak every language with others students and in one time they are learning different languages among different language speakers. The guidance’s are allowed to meet their children every Saturday or Sunday. Hostel life has some drawbacks also. Students coming for the first time to a hostel, find entirely new atmosphere. The freedom of the hostel leads them astray. They fail to choose good companions. The unlimited freedom proves harmful to such students. Parents send their wards to the hostel for study, but there they waste their time in enjoyment and hostel rule breaking activity. Much of the usefulness, as well as harmlessness of hostel life, depends upon its administration. Administration may focus on better rules and also the applying percent of that rules. A badly managed hostel is certain to spoil the lives of its inmates. A well-managed hostel is sure to prove a blessing for those who are lucky enough to live in it because everyone is not fate. I have been living in the hostel for the last 2 years. Hostel becomes your home and you get so manSy friends who become as important as your family members. In my view hostel is a good learning place. It depend on us that how we gat benefit from any institutions because if we get interest to learn we can but if their nor any seriousness among us they we can’t. It’s important to choose best hostel for the students where they will focus on their goal and achieve their aim. I recommend you to living in hostel for at least a year, this brings confidence on children, they are able to stand up for their rights and also learn how to handle with problems and difficulties on their own.