are we responsible?

  • Are we responsible for increasing illiteracy?

    In simple words , lack of ability to read and write and lack of knowledge and information is called illiteracy . Unfortunately, poor education and illiteracy has become a major social issue not only of Pakistan but of the world as well . Education  helps in improving and enhancing standards of living and quality of life . While illiterates neither get enough  chances to lead a better life nor enjoy facilities of a quality life due to their lack of knowledge and education .   . According to Pakistan survey , illiteracy rate is 80%. Now I will discuss about how we are responsible for increasing in illiteracy.


    Culture :

    Every society  has a specific culture which is followed by most of the people  in the society. If we examined the perception of the people in Pakistan about education, there are different opinions most of the people thought that education is effective source of earning money, they preferred any kind of business and other labor work over education.


      Agrarian Society:

    Pakistani economy is mostly based on agrarian society and lot of people live in villages’ area. They also prefer working in fields rather reading in schools. But who is responsible? Of course Government and ministry of education.


    Who is responsible:

     With the technological advancement and new means of communication, there are lot of awareness exists among people about the equality and education of women but why in Pakistan still conservative thoughts exsit regarding women.

    Who is responsible? Basically we, media is showing  the importance of education for women,feminists thoughts and gender equality but where are results?

    Because  Media and other NGO’S are not working in the field, just convey the text is not enough to change the thoughts of people.

    What educated people are doing? We are also doing the same as media we just talk about the issue on social media and among the friends but we never tried to take any measurement about the changing thoughts.


    To overcome the illiteracy Government should take steps by providing the facilities of life, education , standard of living  to every person of a society. Awareness campaigns should be launched to highlight the importance and need of education. Beside this we educated people also responsible of illiteracy, why we cannot change the behavior and perception of the society regarding education?

    We didn’t talk much to illiterates , we considered them inferiors. We attached education with good economic and well settled life. We are just thinking about our self not focus on societal change.

    Apart from the Government, I appeal to every educated person to please make it incumbent upon himself to teach a child. By doing so, illiteracy rate would surely come down. It is not a difficult task but                         ‘Pehla Qadam shart hai.’


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