Electricity crises in pakistan and our beheviour.

  • Electricity crises in pakistan and our beheviour.


    Power crises is one of the serious problems in Pakistan. It made the behavior of people unbearable and it is also slowing the economy activity and causing public prolonged load shading.

    Due to electricity crises, production of industries has fallen to nearly 50%. worst affected is the fertilizer industries.

    According to estimate pakistan needed 22000 to 24000 electricity, this demand increases to 5% on yearly basis. Another trigger to the electricity crises is less rain and that resulted in the decrease of underground water level, water level in dams and rivers of Pakistan that has also affected the power production.

                                                            As our country is badly affected by load shading and our behavior is also not good towards it. One of the most common practices in Pakistan is leaving the lights switches on even when they are not needed. Not only the lights but also home appliances are left switched on without realizing that electricity is being wasted. similarly many bussiness like shops of garments ,home applicans,grocery,cosmetics and jewellery shops meet their desire level of exposure with two to four tube lights and they are using as many. This practice does not only increase power consumption but it also emit heat energy which contribute in global warming.

    Following are the points through which we can safe the electricity

    1) unnecessary lights should be switched off.
    2) switch off the unnecessary electronic devices like AC, TV fans etc
    3) use solar pannal in shopping malls.
    4) industries should also use solar panels instead of tube light and bulbs.
    5) the use of street lights should be used through solar panels, instead of electricity.

    This behavior can help us little in coping up power crises.