Emerging YouTube V-logging Phenomena

  • Emerging YouTube V-logging Phenomena

                Video blogs (or vlogs) are blogs where each post is a video. Although the posts may also include text, providing context for the video, the focus of each post is a video. Vlogs have become increasingly popular over the recent years. The use of videos allows the video bloggers (vloggers) to express their opinions/views and interact with their viewers more directly and interactively. Vlogs can not only serve as web based journals for everyday users, but also can be used by businesses to directly communicate with their customers or promote them.

    As we examine the conversational vlogging trend which is a successful genre of online social video these days that generates an enormous amount of audiovisual behavioral content. One diļ¬€erential feature of vlogging is that users can combine their verbal expression of opinions, desires, and personal narratives, together with a myriad of spontaneous nonverbal cues (through face, body, and voice) captured by the audio and video channels, and all this is watched by their online audience. This people-watching people phenomenon involves complex interpersonal perception processes, in which people watching build impressions from personal information inferred from vlogs, and based on them, may react by posting comments or sharing the videos with others. We are rapidly adopting social media as a natural form of interaction, enlarging the list of channels that we frequently use for communication in our daily life, just like we once did with e-mail and mobile phones. The vlogging trend is emerging along with different contents on youtube. Vloggers who vlogs persuade large audience with their verbal influential contents and average life style which match with the local audience who then can easily relate with them. Many new generations these days are very much inspire with vloggers and start their own video logs with perception on mind to be recognizable and well known to the world. But what matter the most is content selection and composition which value the most but viewership and high ratings are matter for amateur vloggers. Celebritism addiction is most common in newly vloggers who lack good content but want high viewership.

    Every single person these days doing video logging whether it is from youtube, small clips from instagram or snapchat or from whatsapp or facebook just like posting a status about feelings or taking or posting snaps on social media were common. These video logging will be more common, trending and emerging in future time period.