• Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area and one of the most beautiful and intriguing province of Pakistan in terms its scenery,tourism,culture,history and geographical importance.But there is a big misconception among not only the people of Pakistan but around the world that Baluchistan is not a safe place it is a place loaded with terrorism which is utterly a wrong perception. The world has constructed a outcome on the basis of attacks that happened in Baluchistan in the years 2013,2014,2016 etc.In reality the facts are completely different. On cannot feel and see the reality of Baluchistan province until he or she has went to visit Baluchistan physically. Baluchistan when it comes to tourism is second to none. One of the most toured place of Baluchistan is Pir Ghaib Falls in bolan. Other toured places includes Moola Chotok,The Hannah Jheel,Waadi-e-Bolan,Hingol Nationa Park in which there a national animal of pakistan Markhor,Kund Malir Beach,jhal magsi desert rally.When it comes our Ideology not a better place to visit than the great man QUAID-E-AZAM residency.The other thing that fascinates you about Baluchistan is it broad range of different cultures.The three major tribes of Baluchistan includes baloch,brahvi and pashtoon tribe each with its own uniqueness.This is the real reality of Baluchistan province. It is a reality and beauty of Baluchistan that people cant see and perceive.IF Our government takes this initiative of making Baluchistan tourism-hub not only Pakistan economy will be boosted but with this more and more people will visit Pakistan from overseas and will go back to their homeland thus creating a good message and perception about Baluchistan and will generate a narrative around the whole world and people will say that we were so wrong about Baluchistan that it is a place loaded with terrorism but its not but actually it is a place loaded with art,cultural heritage,tourist attractions etc.I hope our government will think on these lines because other countries around the world are making usage of even their small small tourists attractions.If we work on tourism schemes and maintain and upgrade every tourist attractions in Pakistan we will go a long way in making Pakistan economically strong  and by this we can also change the conception of the whole world that Pakistan is a safe place and it is a place full of love,natural beauty,resources and talented young generation.