Man's World Man's Dramas


    There's no medium for entertainment more popular than drama serials in Pakistan. Pakistani women are obsessed with the idea of sitting in their lounges and enjoy the dramas as if looking and discussing the story of some real people. Dramas leave a great impact on the minds of viewers as if what's shown is more real than the reality itself.

    Drama writers plays with the mind of viewers and make them believe that their lives are connected with the stories of certain serials. Most of the audience, specially women, starts to relate their lives with the stories even if its totally opposite to what is shown.

    From the last decade, Pakistani dramas put men in such a role that everyone thinks that its Man's World and Man's Dramas. Men were shown in superiority and cruel, mistreating their wives and daughters, preferring sons over daughters. Even though there was a rise of feminism from the last decade but it was not shown that much neither does it was promoted in dramas as much as it should have been done. Men are shown as heartless creatures doing everything in their grasp to make women a submissive being. 

    Dramas depict women as meek, submissive and target of cruelty. Women are shown as the beings with no voice of their own who don't have the right to even stand on their own feet or to do something for themselves, they are solely responsible for fulfilling their husband's needs, and they are not allowed to even step outside the house without the husband's permission, even though the reality is not that harsh as shown in dramas. Even Islam orders women to ask for their husband's permission but it also gives the rights to the wives whereas the dramas depicts this in such a way that women thinks they don't have any right of their own and that they are the victims.

    Despite the fact that there was the time when men were cruel and the dominant in the family and women had no voice and were submissive one, now the time changed. Gender inequality was always a hot topic and women were given many rights and the freedom of study, job and to choose what ever profession they wanted was also given to them. Women are shoulder to shoulder to men in almost every field now which is a positive thing and a step towards success, but our drama serials still depicts women as weak and someone on whom every burden can be dumped.

    No doubt there are still some backward areas in the country where women are targeted with cruelty and men are superior, but it's not the case of the whole country now, much advancement is done in the field of feminism and gender equality and it's not the Man's World anymore. Whereas drama serials even show the people of higher class ordering their women around, and that even well educated girls don't have any say in the decisions of their lives. Tyranny of men should be shown but then the story line should be in a way that it targets those areas of the country where it is actually happening which can even be helpful for those who wants to raise their voices too.

    World is full of good and bad people from both genders, but it doesn't mean that specific gender to be always targeted on such famous platforms. Women are always complaining about men even when there's nothing wrong about them but it's because they have seen the serials and the negative roles of male dominance that they start to compare their lives with it forgetting the reality and not accepting the fact that what is shown in the drama is all scripted and not real.

    What our writers need to understand is that dramas are powerful tool to convey messages to the majority of Pakistanis specially the females, so the stories should be somewhat more inspiring, loving or targeting the social causes as shown in many good dramas like 'Udaari', 'yakeen ka safar' and many more. These dramas targeted the social problems yet not defaming any gender specifically and showed the real problems faced by the people of our country regardless of gender.