Themes and Arousal Valence Emotions through Sci-Fi Videos

  • Movie is an important entertainment text that influences audience or viewer’s emotions and perception about many issues or matters such as science, gender, society, politics, history and etc. In today’s world, different genres has been using for the movie, one of them is science fiction genre which deals with imaginations, technology, time travel, spaceflight, etc. Science fiction genre movies traditionally considered as male dominant, boys only, and the female character has been stereotypical represented in science fiction. Female characters do not have equal opportunities of representing their gender to people as compared to male characters. Many science fiction movies give priority to the male characters in the term of a spotlight, narrative perspective and character development. Sci-fi genre movies are looking for ways to explore new boundaries that free from traditions and uses new themes regarding female character. In overall history, the female have always been meant for away from the boundaries of their home and notorious place in society. Now, science fiction movies have the opportunity and potential to represent female character in an open minded and liberated way and depict in different characters from the old traditional representation in media including movies. The depiction of female character in science-fiction movies can be affected the audience’s view regarding gender and its role.

    Theme is central subject, concept and topic that the movie is trying to indicate and the depiction of what is accessible in a society. There are different kinds of themes that used in movies and influence human emotions, i.e. revenge, love, hatred, joy, sad, romance, betrayal, family squabbles, violence, economic crisis, etc.

    In science fiction movies varieties of themes have used that affect human emotions while watching that particular content. Emotions can be induced in the viewers and they experience what they see in that content like horror, comedy, romance, etc. Audience sometime wants to express or experience those emotions in their real life whether its emotions of fear, sad, happy, romance, violence etc. The representation of women in the term of stereotypically sexual objectification is common in any genre of a movie. While experiencing the emotions through movie content it can be caused arousal and valence of emotions in the audience. The emotions that audience experiences in response to the movie are induced emotions and the emotions that a filmmaker wants to induce in the audience are intended emotions. The emotions that the greater part of the viewers experience in response to the similar movie content are expected emotions. Induce emotion is dependent on context and is subjective, while the expected emotion are considered objective since it is a relatively common response of an audience to a specific movie. Arousal is characterized and categorized by affective states, the ranges and inner emotional activation from alert, energized and exited to calm, dozy to peaceful. Valence gives information about the ranges from pleasant to unpleasant and the amount of pleasantness of the content. The arousal represents the intensity of emotions whereas valence represents the negative and positive valence of an object, situation or event and the type of emotion, categorize and characterize specific emotions such as joy, happiness have positive valence whereas fear, anger have negative valence. So there is a need to analyze the themes in science fiction video content which causes arousal valence of emotions.