MapleStory 2 Head Start Begins with Massive Patch & New Event

  • The MapleStory 2 Head Start has officially began and it comes which has a massive patch Maplestory M Mesos which brings a variety of new and updated features towards the game in addition to a new in-game event. The update features "changes improvements and lessons we learned from Closed Beta 1 and 2". The MapleStory 2 jump event runs from today through October 10th once the open beta begins.

    From October 1st through November 8th, players will take part inside the Pet Mania Event that needs Level 50 so that you can acquire the quest.

    Other notable changes / addendums to MapleStory 2 include:

        the end from the Mushking Royale Pre-Season ends and rewards will likely be sent on the in-game mail
        the Premium Shop has opened
        the Red Meret Shop has opened
        a laundry number of changes and improvements have already been added

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