Perfectionism in thesis

  • The urge of Perfectionism in your work sometimes, proves the enemy of progress. The same was happening with me while doing literature review, I was stuck with literature review search, I want to start writing but I always feel like I need more research articles, journals and books related to my topic. And due to this I have spend weeks in reading and did not start writing because I fear that without maximum  literature review my research would not good enough. And this urge I spend almost three weeks I was stuck with this until my supervisor intervened and convinced me that the literature I have collected is enough to start my work and after that I have started writing. In the end I was told by many students that the something was happening with them and many of them were not successful to complete their project or thesis at their deadline. The urge of perfectionism is not a bad thing but madness for this always proved problematic and I am really thankful to my supervisor Mam Zarnab who guided me and in the end I was able to complete my thesis within the suggested time period.