Thesis Structure part 1

  • What makes a thesis structure great?

    These three things are core elements of your thesis:

    The research question,

    The research methodology

    The research results or findings

    Research Methodology which produces the Research results which answers the Research Questions. In other words, you ask a research question (the missing piece of the puzzle), and to answer that question you choose certain methods, and those methods obviously produce some results, which are the answers to the original research question. Yes, it is as simple as that. The three parts are, of course, interconnected. So if you change your method, you better check whether you are still answering the research question and whether you are still producing the results you are looking for.

    I always recommend people to write down their first draft of these three components on the very first day of writing. Writing a thesis is very much about iterating these three components and tweaking them into a neat academic package. We usually write these three components in our research proposal. I write down my thesis proposal first and then start writing the first chapter, this proved very helpful for me.

    My topic was Media Framing and Public Agenda: Publicizing development Potential in Balochistan, A Case Study of CPEC. My research questions were as under;

    RQ1. How media framing has been done by Dawn Newspaper and The News towards CPEC?

    RQ2. What frames are used in The News International and Dawn in publicizing CPEC in their news reports?

    RQ3. What are the differences and similarities in framing CPEC in The News and Dawn?

    The research methodology I chose for my thesis was qualitative in nature and I have chosen combined methodology framing analysis + Textual analysis. I chose combined methodology because Goffman (1974) who introduced framing research stated that frame analysis should not used individually rather it should be combined with discourse analysis.Therefore, I used combined methodology for my research topic. Textual analysis is part of discourse analysis.