The largest funeral ever held for an object

  • There are 20000 lines of spoken dialogue in Blizzard's WoTLK Gold sci-fi role playing game Mass Effect, which is the same amount of dialogue you would expect to see in 20 films.

    The highest quantity of games created within a single series is to Mega Man, which has an overall total of 46 games available.

    Twenty homing pigeons had been spray-painted in their Virtua Tennis 2 logo and released at World of Warcraft in 2003. Wimbledon tennis World of Warcraft in 2003 to promote the sport.

    The most well-known spot for extreme sports can be found in New York City, which is the setting for many events, like BMX XXX, SSX Tricky and four other games of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series.

    The Cardigans The Cardigans' song "My Favorite Game" refers to the sport Gran Turismo, which the group loved playing in their bus tour.

    The most land-based and largest video game available that is available on land The Elder Scrolls: Chapter II: Daggerfall, which includes 163.492 square kilometers of land in which you can run around.

    The largest funeral ever held for an object that is fictional was a public relations campaign to promote World of Warcraft II that was a tribute to an air guitar. Over 80 people showed on the occasion (including P2Pah UK's own Guy Cocker).

    For more fascinating trivia information take a look at one of the Guinness World of Records Gamer's Edition when it is released on bookshelves in the coming months.Activision increases its guidance after more of the Infinity Ward-ers have quit

    As If World of Warcraft 2's record-setting launch wasn't enoughto warrant a mention, Activision continues to be enjoying the benefits of the first map pack for the game. The publisher last week declared that their $16 Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package was able to set day-one and week WOW WoTLK Classic Gold-one Xbox Live sales records, selling 1 million and 2.5 million, respectively. However, these figures do not comprise those for the PlayStation as well as PC editions of the maps multiplayer, which will be released on May 4.