Players move to their assigned part of the arena

  • Before entering the Kyzra arena, players should assign each of them either North, East, South, or West. Most parties follow the randomly assigned Party Order Lost Ark Gold or some small variation of this. Once the Orb Absorption begins, players move to their assigned part of the arena. Each player collects three Gold Orbs exclusively in their section of the arena and then works on clearing their section of all Big Red Orbs. Any player that doesn't manage to get the Aura in time then spams a few pings, and the two players on either side of them will try and cover their section as well.
    And it's as easy as that! But, while this sounds simple because the threshold is so low for Orbs that make it to Kyzra, it can be harder than it looks. So, keep these factors in mind:

    For every Red Orb touched, that player must collect one more Gold Orb (for example, a player who touched 1 Gold then 1 Red needs 3 more Gold for the Aura). If players enter each other's Golden Aura, they're knocked back and staggered, so don't overlap. The Gold Orbs move slower than the Red ones, so it's easier to wait when collecting the Gold Ones rather than rushing. Important Mechanic: Standard Stagger Check
    Kyzra also has a Stagger Check that comes up from time to time. It doesn't always get used and doesn't lead to a team Wipe, but if it's failed Kyzra sends out an arena-wide Shockwave that does high damage and knock-up. While her Stagger Bar is active, Kyzra will be sending out a variety of cone-shaped Shockwaves in random directions with her Sword, but they're pretty easy to avoid.

    Important Mechanic: Teleport Stab & Self-Buff
    From the start of the fight, Kyzra has a chance to teleport directly after any of her moves. When she does so she summons a variety of circular red telegraphs that summon lightning when filled. One of these circles is slightly larger than the other, and this one actually has cheapest Lost Ark Gold herself come down and stab a player she lands on. If successful, Kyzra gets a shield around her that deals constant damage to anyone inside. And, from that point on, she gets a general damage buff as well.