Journey to historical place ATTOCK FORT

  • My journey of final project documentry is all about a historic place ATTOCK. Attock is the last district of province punjab just 80 kms away from Rawalpindi. This town near indus river is said to be called ATTOCK KHURD. This place is rich of historic and strategic significance. The mughal emperor AKBAR built a fort in 1581 with the name of ATTOCK FORT and this was named with the name of fort KATAK BANARAS. Attock is a turkish word meaning "foot of the mountains'. the journey to this area is not that easy because this FORT is under pakistan army now. since EMPEROR AKBAR constructed this fort, the occupation of this fort contiunously changed in different eras. British occupied this fort in last and after independence 1947, this fort is under pak army and now used as a sub-jail. The ex-prime minister Nawaz shareef and Asif zardari has been jailed here also. you can view this fort while standing on the ATTOCK NEW BRIDGE if you want to visit Attock. while you travel here, ask to go to town MALAHI TOLA.this colony was established by Akbar. malah means this colony was made by many boatmens to cross indus river at that time. the bridge of boats were used at that time. After passing a police chowki, you will travel towards a town malahi tola. just by driving on the road you will cross the ATTOCK FORT. local peoples are not allowed to visit this FORT.