The shameless one next door.

  • The shameless one next door.
    After thinking about it he took out his cell phone and took a selfie taking a picture of someone's face buried on his shoulder After the infusion Yao Yizhe took people home and went to the kitchen to get a bowl of porridge Watch her eat half a bowl slowly and then stop moving Raised his head misty eyes some wet looking at him with a kind of plain are not delicate "I can not eat" It's almost noon there's no one at home and she's sure to have nothing to eat when she falls asleep How can a sick person not eat Yao Yizhe took the bowl took a spoon and handed it to her mouth "Be good eat some more and sleep for a while after eating" Porridge is handed to her mouth think about it do not eat a little too sorry for people in the morning for their busy before and after open your mouth to eat a mouthful gear reduction motor As soon as a mouthful was swallowed another spoonful was handed to him Tang Lin "…" In fact although there is no appetite it is not completely unable to eat and then swallowed Unconsciously a bowl bottomed out Yao Yizhe poured another cup of hot water and watched her swallow the medicine before helping her remove the pillow behind her and help her lie down He covered the quilt and tried the temperature on her forehead thinking that it should not be as hot as before but he still took the temperature to measure her and he sat on the edge of the bed and waited Three minutes later the patient with the thermometer in his mouth was asleep He looked at it but he still had a little fever and he was a little worried about going to school like this

    Then look down at a sleeping one the thin quilt has been covered showing a head so look the face appears more and more small Unable to resist he touched her face again Probably covered in the brushless gear motor quilt all over the hot sweat suddenly felt the cool face is particularly comfortable the sleeping girl involuntarily hummed and rubbed on his hand but also unconsciously put his hand out of the quilt Yao Yizhe took her hand Then his eyes drifted away to other places Thought this is your own hand on my hand! The author has something to say there will still be two more ~ I have become so diligent recently It must be because of the diligent messages of the babies Give everyone a loving Mada (~ 3 ~) Some small partners put forward that copying homework is a bad behavior this is indeed As a student of course it is not advocated! But in fact really become a student everyone should be able to understand copy homework really really can not refuse And the rebirth of the heroine her consciousness concept is adult homework and so on if there is no obvious help for learning it is a task for her Well I admit that I am being unreasonable because if it were me I would copy it too Chapter 29 When Yao Yizhe came back from school in the afternoon he greeted Ms Li who was busy in the kitchen and went straight to Tang Lin's room Tang Lin took the medicine and slept all afternoon She didn't wake up until Ms Li came home small geared motors Now she is lying in bed and drinking water Seeing that Yao Yizhe's schoolbag was still hanging on his right shoulder he laughed at him "Oh you're in such a hurry to see me You didn't even put down your schoolbag so you came to have a look" See her now look a lot better and the mood to joke the body should be a lot better can not help but put down the heart She walked slowly over put her schoolbag on the computer chair beside the desk and laughed Yeah to see if you're still alive "Go away!" Tang Lin laughed and scolded It's like a friend in need When she was sick she relied on others wholeheartedly and had someone to help her share everything Now she is better and she is not so uncomfortable in the morning Even if she is not so emotional in illness she does not have the sense of hunger and dependence that needs special care but the distance is closer unconsciously Yao Yizhe raised his eyebrows and sat down on the edge of the bed She raised her hand and put the back of her hand on her forehead It was really not as hot as it was in the morning It should be a fever

    He put down his hand took the teacup she had stopped drinking and put it on the bedside table for her Seeing that her hand was still exposed outside the quilt he took one of them and said "I took my temperature after I woke up" "I just measured 376 degrees" Tang Lin feels a bit strange want to draw back the hand but the person that may be ill is small in strength the hand still is being held motionless "Oh you loosen the hand quickly!" "Wait!" micro gear motor Yao Yizhe's expression was a little dignified as if he was going to make a big move and all of a sudden he really frightened her What's the matter After a while just when he thought he was going to say something he suddenly let go of his hand with a little disgust in his tone "You are so sick how can you still feel chubby and round" Hello! Tang Lin lost a pillow in the past Yao Yizhe took the pillow and wanted to laugh a little but he held back When he heard the voice of Ms Li downstairs he answered and went to the living room Others don't know Tang Lin knows how fat she used to be Although I have lost weight now the shadow will not disappear soon She stretched out her paw and looked at it carefully It was still very slender "Where are you fat" Thinking that he was talking nonsense he rolled his eyes and lay down again The body is the capital of the revolution the little fairy is still seriously ill but also self-cultivation for a while It was only a short time before I fell asleep When Yao Yizhe came up with the meal he saw her lying down again Approaching and calling her name without even a reaction he reached out and pinched her face and saw her hum uneasily and stop moving I'm fast asleep! The time of sleeping in this second is really perfect He brought the food downstairs as it was Ms Li was crossing her legs and eating happily When she saw Yao Yizhe coming down she looked as expected "How is it going" Did the little girl fall asleep again Don't worry about her When she wakes up and knows she's hungry she'll find something to eat Her daughter used to eat less when she lost weight but she got through it and made herself thin She was used to it