Human Extinction in the End of the World Crisis

  • Human Extinction in the End of the World Crisis
    "First of all I thank you on behalf of the Party and the country" The first sentence was almost the same as what Meng Fan said As soon as Minister He opened his mouth Meng Fan and Zhou Tianzi snickered in their hearts but said politely "We just did what we should do" Minister He solemnly held their hands and said "The mission you are carrying out is unprecedented and unprecedented (Meng Fan thought to himself how do you know how many people in time-travel novels can travel back and forth Even if it is really unprecedented how can you know that there are no people in the future Can you predict the future Hee hee!") No one knows the dangers but you are still determined to go without hesitation Your spirit is worth learning from all of us Your names will be engraved on the monument of history and your deeds will be handed down from generation to generation Before you set out Chairman Long asked me to greet you on their behalf and let me ask before you set out what else do you want to do I will do whatever it takes for you Chapter VIII Requirements "Report to the head I have no request I promise that no matter how dangerous this trip is I will go forward bravely and unswervingly to ensure the completion of the tasks assigned by the Party and the state" white marble slabs "The emperor of the Zhou Dynasty stood up in a standard manner and said with full energy" Good very good Meng Fan smiled "Colonel Zhou is a good cadre and soldier trained by the state In contrast I have more requirements" "It doesn't matter Those who can move forward generously are all good cadres and soldiers of the country If you have any requests don't be embarrassed" Minister He's expression was obviously a bit of a headache First "Meng Fan lowered his head and counted his fingers as if to calculate how many demands he had which made the female friend behind Minister He laugh He took out a picture from his pocket" I hope you can help me find the three people in this picture You see the young man standing behind is Li Lu and the others are his family He died for me It can be said that without him I would not be alive now I hope you can help me find his family Minister He's eyes moved slightly After he took the photo he said with emotion "I thought that your first request was to find your family but I didn't expect that you would first propose to find the relatives of your comrades-in-arms Well you are really a good man who attaches great importance to love and righteousness I will do this I may not be able to guarantee to find them but I will try my best to find them" white marble mosaic "The second thing" Since Minister He said that is to help me find my family! I have more at home Before Meng Fan had finished speaking a female friend behind Minister He immediately took over and said "There are four people in your family Your father's name is Meng Weiye your mother's name is Ye Hongying and your sister's name is Meng Ping Your sister is married and your brother-in-law's names are Zhao Shuhai At present they have no children" Meng Fan was surprised at first and then said indifferently "It seems that you are very clear Please help me find them I don't expect to find them grey marble slab I just hope to get their news" The female friend whispered a few words in Minister He's ear Minister He nodded to her and the woman went out Then Minister He said with a solemn expression "We have found your family Now they are in the reception room outside but only your sister and brother-in-law your parents" "What happened to them" I beg your pardon You must know better than we do how hard it is to survive after a disaster And you must be strong and live so that they can rest in peace in heaven Although he had thought for countless times that his parents might be dead Meng Fan's heart kept throbbing until the Emperor of Zhou patted him on the back and said "Cheer up Meng Fan we have more important things to do We can't fall down" Zhou Tianzi understood Meng Fan's mood at this time just like when his parents died that kind of pain people who have not experienced it can not understand and imagine

    Holding back his great grief Meng Fan said slowly "I'm fine I swear I won't fall down before I finish the task Never Well I'm going to make the third request now Take care of my friends There is a pregnant woman among them My baby is in her belly If my baby is lucky enough to survive tell him that his father is not a coward and let him grow up healthily" Minister He held Meng Fan's hand with some excitement "You can rest assured that I will treat him as my own child I will give him a complete family and tell him that his father is a hero a hero who saves all mankind" Meng Fan drew out his hand and saluted with the emperor of Zhou and said "Report to the chief I have no request I just want to see my sister quickly now" All right you go to the reception room! They're waiting there! Minister He waved his hand Just out of the meeting room Meng Fan suddenly took Zhou Tianzi's hand and said "I seem to have forgotten a request Wait for me I'll go back and talk to Minister He After this village there will be no shop I have to make good use of it don't pietra gray marble I" Then Meng Fan trotted back At this time Minister He and his three followers were walking in the other direction Meng Fan caught up with him from behind and said in a low voice "Minister He there is a request that the emperor of Zhou is embarrassed to say I will say it for him Colonel Zhou is actually a virgin As the saying goes there are three ways to be unfilial No queen is the greatest Can you arrange it so that Colonel Zhou can also stay behind" When Meng Fan said this he kept glancing at the beautiful girl next to him and when the girl saw Meng Fan's burning eyes she immediately lowered her head This Minister He didn't expect Meng Fan to make such a request and he was a little embarrassed for a while He could only say perfunctorily "It's not that I don't want to arrange it The key is that this kind of thing needs both sides to be willing If I put it forward earlier it's okay There's still time to cultivate feelings Now I can't find the right person to put it forward temporarily!" "Minister He this is your fault Just now you clapped your chest and promised to do your best Now you are perfunctory to us There are plenty of people aren't there" Can we sacrifice our lives for the benefit of all mankind without sacrificing others Meng Fan glanced at the girl again