Notes of Lazy People in Online Games

  • Notes of Lazy People in Online Games
    [Private Chat] Don't be lazy with me I'm too lazy to be lazy with you [Private Chat] Qin Shi Mingyue Girl you are here That's great [Private Chat] Don't be lazy with me I'm too lazy to be lazy with you Who are you [Private Chat] Qin Shi Mingyue/Khan I am Qin Shi Mingyue [Private Chat] Don't be lazy with me I'm too lazy to be lazy with you Who was that just now [Private Chat] Qin Shi Mingyue My cousin Yu Qiu suddenly thought of a person she did not know why she thought of him but she had such a feeling [Private Chat] Don't be lazy with me I'm too lazy to be lazy with you Han Shi Guan There was about ten seconds of silence before the answer came out [Private Chat] Qin Shi Mingyue Well it's him Be Lazy Out of Style Be Lazy Out of Realm (29) Wulin Conference-Up [World] Passerby a/Trumpet Extra! Extra Extra! I heard that the tuba of this service gathered together somehow it seems that something big is going to happen ~ ~ ~ [World] Passerby B You are out of your mind This has been going on since yesterday [World] Passerby C Is this true Really [World] Passerby a Calacatta Nano Glass More real than real gold! The news is absolutely reliable! [World] Passerby B I just don't know what they're going to do ~ [World] Passerby D I'm also curious about what symposium/question they're going to hold [World] Passerby B Secret work is too professional so far no one knows ~ [World] Passerby E Who went there [World] Passerby A The bosses of the guild and the masters on the list ~ ~ ~ [World] Passers-by E All together What are you doing Impeach GM [World] Passerby C/Dizzy do they have that ability … … [World] Passerby B Who knows [World] Passers-by Is it over Money to brush the world it is better to spend money to buy equipment! [World] Passers-by a B C D E (brush at the same time) Who are you Who are you Call me Just because you can manage the time of this uncle mind your own business and eat more shit ~ ~ ~ Lao Tzu has too many speakers to hold how many do you want to use Do you dare to brush if you don't like it You are one and I am ten let's speak with numbers!!! (BALABALABALA…… Five hundred words of quarreling process are omitted here) At this moment Yu Qiu is standing in the main city of MF Heart Guild'Fengyao City '

    Profiteers say that this is the most stable place in the whole service because MF Heart is an absolutely neutral guild and their people control 30% + of the valuables trading so no one dares to move his territory easily In Yu Qiu's eyes here is now holding a full-service'superior 'party in addition to her little autumn the crowd around casually picked out a big man with a name a head and a face a string of prefixes only she is the most inconspicuous Yu Qiu tried to make her sense of existence lower and lower but in fact the effect was completely the opposite No way who let all standing next to her is not a fuel-efficient lamp this is not her fault ah Artificial Marble Slabs Standing on the left of Xiaoqiu is Longlin the president of Haige Tianya Association who has mysteriously disappeared for a period of time and is said to be struggling to get on the list while Siji Youwei who still occupies the first place in the ranking list stands on the right of Xiaoqiu The world's first profiteer as the convener of the participants stood in front of Xiaoqiu five steps away turning his face to Xiaoqiu from time to time and Yu Qiu really wanted to pick up a needle and thread to sew his fingers together (Chang Le Yeah Don't you sew your mouth Xu Feifei The word is knocked out with the hand stupid! Yu Qiu I haven't seen you for a few days Xiaole why does your IQ only decrease but not increase Chang Le Die Xiaoqiu go back to your small house in the suburbs and don't sneak over to eat! Yu Qiu Those who give birth to me are my parents and those who know me are always happy Xu Feifei You two hurry to get out of my way and let me vomit first! The first profiteer in the world is only a convener not a planner When Yu Qiu asked him in secret language who initiated the BT gathering the first profiteer just replied very slowly "Buddha said it was unspeakable" Then he added "You can guess for yourself"

    Yu Qiu was too lazy to guess It didn't matter who had planned the nerve meeting like a martial arts meeting What mattered was what his purpose was and why she an unknown little person was invited to stand here Calacatta Nano Glass According to the normal logical inference Yu Qiu faintly felt that what was about to happen should have something to do with herself and it was very likely that it would have something to do with the fact that she had been turned white for no reason two days ago It's a blessing not a curse but a curse that can't be avoided Yu Qiu exhaled no big deal the most is not to play can they do anything to her (After being turned he was thoroughly enlightened) Porcelain Marble Slabs It can be seen that everyone is punctual In other words they think that time is money and money is life So all holding the'come quickly come quickly to say something say something quickly to go 'of the vigorous posture a gust of wind to appear in Fengyao City Here Yu Qiu saw many people who looked familiar some of whom she had seen before some of whom she had often seen in the world and some of whom had only heard of their names and were seeing them for the first time today These include the two brothers Mingyue in the Qin Dynasty and Guan in the Han Dynasty Hua Tuo who often works together who is alive and has a cool autumn who has a way to heaven and no way to hell and whose newly married wife is blessed and healthy Huanhua Xijian who comes and goes alone and Ah Bah P Dian P Dian Lucky Star and others who often appear in the world Looking around carefully Yu Qiu was greatly surprised by a person standing beside Han Shiguan whose ID was Chanel Jing In the character setting of "Play Magic World" Granite Slab Supplier some information can be manually modified and selectively hidden including guild/family name and guild/family position Some people like to run around with the guild/family logo or show off or be proud of it; others don't like to expose their guild/family some because they want to avoid their enemies some because they want to remain mysterious and some because the guild or family has a rule that it must follow (such as the night with the wind) 。 Yu Qiu has already hidden his level so in addition to JS and Qin Mingyue others have not yet found out that she dropped the level