One more skin and I'll kiss you.

  • One more skin and I'll kiss you.
    Spit out comfortable Shen Duqing half bent over looking at Jiang Zhi's feet fell into silence It seems to be a limited edition pair It's over Is it too late to pretend to be drunk Jiang Zhi's face was as black as the night sky behind him his lips hardly moved and his voice squeezed out between his teeth Shen-Du-Qing- Shen Duqing raised his head slowly "Do you believe I'm drunk now" The author has something to say Send Proposition Is Girlfriend Important or Shoes Important Jiang Aiguo (thinking carefully) —— Chapter 32 For a neat freak and shoe lover there won't be any moment more maddening than the present Jiang Zhi did not look down and stood upright his forearm muscles tightly stretched The green area of Chongchon Road is 70% tall the air is fresh wet and cool at night and the smell of vomit from bottom to top spreads It's like a punishment for a neat freak Shen Duqing has never been so embarrassed She is a good drinker When she was very young Shen Yan would secretly feed her with chopsticks while Lin Nianjun was not paying attention She was successfully trained to be a little drunkard They carried Lin Nianjun on their backs to drink red wine and enjoy the night in the small garden in the dead of night If she doesn't blow she won't get drunk with another five bottles of Grey Marble Slab beer But She would rather be drunk now than be so embarrassed Silence is tonight's vomit Shen Duqing raised his head slowly "Do you believe that I am drunk now" Jiang Zhi closed his eyes and could see that he was trying to be patient Shen Duqing thought it was over and he was going to fight with her Although she was much more sober after vomiting her nerves were soaked by alcohol some paralysis and her reaction must be slower than usual which is precisely the big taboo when fighting In particular Jiang Zhi's left hand holding her shoulder was about to crush her Shen Duqing felt the index of this anger value and judged very pertinently that he would certainly be violently K The hero did not suffer immediate losses and Shen Duqing had a brainwave "Brother" Jiang Zhi suddenly opened his eyes Shen Duqing pinched his clothes with his fingers pulled them a little then twisted his body and tried to flash his big eyes Give me a break Act in a Carrara Marble Slab coquettish way and you will be perfect Jiang Zhi is stupefied a few seconds show the look in the eyes of a matchless disgust immediately "What wind do you smoke"

    Because he was too disgusted and shocked he even forgot to be angry for a short time Shen Duqing almost laughed Damn it's really a straight man of steel but he doesn't like it But it's funny that he can't stand it Shen Duqing continued to disgust him and pulled his clothes again "Brother ~ Brother ~" This tune of nine turns and eighteen turns can make people get goose bumps all over the floor Jiang Zhi pulled his forehead and said in a calm voice "Shen Duqing you can give me a ghost call again" Shen Duqing tried to hold back his laughter Brother they really didn't mean to Jiang Zhi could not bear it any more "Get out" I didn't slap her to death It was really for her father's sake Pietra Gray Marble Gao Lengru Jiang Erye "roll" is just a pet phrase at this time of course is not the literal meaning Joke the account is not finished where do you want to go But Shen Duqing immediately returned to his normal tone and answered "OK" Without hesitation for half a second he turned and rolled happily and quickly ……” In the rustling autumn wind only a black-faced teenager and a pool of deadly vomit were left - Hundreds of meters from Shen's home to Jiang's home Jiang Zhi selectively lost his memory and did not want to remember how he got home That pair of sneakers is his favorite He just got it and wore it for the first time today The limited edition which was hard to buy was thrown away with the rest of his clothes How hard is it to buy This pair is useless and you can't buy the second pair The price of the shoe has been fried to a sky-high price those who are willing to be a sucker are all collectors and they will not give up what they love no matter how high the price is Besides for a neat freak second-hand shoes are equal to garbage Three hot baths and one cold bath did not alleviate Jiang Zhi's irritability but because he always felt that the smell was lingering it became more serious I should have strangled the dead girl just now Jiang Zhi came out of the bathroom barefoot wearing only a pair of pajama pants and drops of water dripped down from his fine black hair

    The bedroom opened the window to ventilate just sprayed half a bottle of Nero Marquina Marble Slab perfume the smell has been almost dissipated by the wind the smell of the shadow has finally disappeared Jiang Zhi's restless mood finally settled down a little He wiped his hair casually and threw the towel on the chair I left the window open and went to bed I didn't drink much today I'm not even slightly tipsy A small amount is helpful for sleep However Jiang Zhi lay down closed his eyes and for some reason Shen Duqing pulled his sleeve and screamed Neuropathy Jiang Zhi turned over Brother ~ "Shen Duqing beeps his mouth and looks at him longingly" Jiang Zhi turned over again This crazy woman Shen Duqing tilted his head on the chair and looked at him with black eyes "Don't you like me" My lips are red and tender and I want to kiss a little Jiang Zhi pillowed on the pillow and did not move The next second the picture of her bending down and vomiting suddenly jumped out ……” Give me some kisses Master Jiang threw the pillow out of the window - The next morning Jiang Xiaocan knocked at the door crazily outside "Second Brother Second Brother!" Jiang Zhi fell asleep in the middle of the night He was so sleepy that he changed his direction Jiang Xiaocan directly opened the door and came in holding a big pillow in his arms "Second brother why did you throw the pillow away" Jiang Zhi didn't respond Jiang Xiao-can climbed into bed got close to him and said loudly to his face "I helped you pick it up!" Jiang Zhi was so noisy that his brain hurt and his eyelids did not open He lifted his feet and kicked him down Ah Jiang Xiaocan climbed up angrily from the ground and covered his face with the pillow "This is the pillow I gave you and your initials are rusted on it Why did you throw it away" You say The little fart succeeded in driving away his sleepiness Jiang Zhi took the pillow away sat up fished out Jiang Xiaocan and buried his head in the pillow for a while