The Little Fox's Journey to the Other World

  • The Little Fox's Journey to the Other World
    I looked up a little depressed and the purpose was to sit on the edge of my bed with a worried face Only then did I remember that I seemed to hear her calling me before I fainted Sure enough he saved me Otherwise I would have become a very nutritious dinner "Fox stew" Are you all right Mei asked gently and then he raised his hand to my buttocks "What are you going to play in the medicine furnace when you are free" "I'm sorry!" I obediently apologized and acted like a spoiled child rubbing my head against her and soon coaxed her to laugh You I shook my head with a look of helplessness on my face Knowing that Mei was no longer angry I settled down and asked her "Sister Mei why do I have an extra skill of" Dance of Fire and Ice " but I can't use it Do you know You guys let me use the 'Fire and Ice' '! White Marble Slabs "That I treasured for years My face was full of reluctance 'Fire And Ice Dan ' What's that I asked curiously that it must be a good thing that can be treasured for many years The so-called "ice and fire Dan" is' " The twenty-third chapter of the main text is ice and fire pills Paipai Updated August 8 2008 14602 Words in this chapter 2917 I thought about it and said "Let's start from the beginning" Since the creation of the world everything in the world has been mutually reinforcing among which ice and fire are a pair Ice can not tolerate fire and fire can not tolerate ice However "Ice and Fire Dan" can make these two incompatible attributes coexist and even transform each other It's so awesome that there is such a powerful thing!

    My eyes lit up as I listened If we can find or invent something that can make two opposite attributes compatible in reality we can definitely win the Nobel Prize! If it is applied to artificial intelligence it may be possible to add a "refusal procedure" without being detected so that the two opposites of "obedience" and "refusal" coexist Although this may violate the "three principles of robotics" it will not make the monotonous and tasteless artificial intelligence more personalized Well try something next time but don't let those old fogies know or they will be opposed Marble Projects Your little snow fox is born of ice and snow However the fire in the medicine furnace is made of extreme flame You have been refining in the furnace for so long but you are still not ripe It is really blessed by God! But even so the mutual restraint of'inflammation 'and'cold' is enough to make you lose your life! At this point I seem to be a little scared So you used the ice and fire pill "Yes I spent more than three hundred years looking for the medicine of extreme cold and extreme inflammation and then used it for more than a hundred years to refine it with fire and ice I didn't expect that it would be played by you like this!" The more I said the more angry I became and finally I couldn't help hitting my little buttocks Painful I sit obediently and bow my head to reflect Marble Granite Price With a heavy sigh of anger he continued to open his mouth "I use the'ice and fire pill 'to transform the extreme heat produced by the fire in your body into your own attribute-' cold ' so that it can be absorbed by your body which saves your life" You say you should play where can't play unexpectedly run to me to play in the stove! At this point she couldn't help raising her hand again This time I was ready to hide aside! Ha-ha I didn't get hit! But before I could be happy for long I saw a column of water so heavy that it hit my buttocks Pain !! I just looked at the palm of my hand and forgot her old tricks !! Impolitic! Impolitic! Now do you understand How much time did it take me to make this ice and fire pill Apart from cultivation it is very rare for me to have the patience to do the same thing for hundreds of years! I was going to keep this elixir Later if someone said that I didn't want to make progress all day and would only live a leisurely life I would take it out and let him look at it By the way I would use it to tell him about my great achievements Now it's all right It's gone "I frowned helplessly and cried out that it was a pity"

    Dizzy so she is going to use this ice and fire pill like this It is better to be eaten by me to reflect the value of its existence at least I will remember that it saved my life and even praise its great sacrifice when I am really bored! "Sister Mei do you know what the Dance of Fire and Ice is" I said in a very delicate tone Who told her to be angry I can only sacrifice myself The dance of fire and ice is' " Think about it and say "Under normal circumstances people (including all nationalities) have no attributes or only have a single attribute at most two similar attributes" At that time by chance you were in the struggle between the two attributes of "cold" and "inflammation" and the White Marble Mosaic consequence of the mutual fusion of "ice and fire Dan" was that the two attributes broke out at the same time and eventually produced a skill that integrates the two opposite attributes (It's a bit of a tongue twister I'm sorry) You are so lucky! Is that lucky I don't think so I just remember that since I entered the other world my life has become a lot of disasters So sister Mei why can't the dance of fire and ice be used If he is an ordinary person even if he is a'cold 'attribute as long as he takes the'ice and fire pill' he can have both'cold 'and'inflammation' attributes and can learn the ' "Of'fire magic' 'ice magic' and'water magic 'at the same time "Wait a minute Sister Mei do you say that ordinary people can't practice'fire 'and'water' or'fire 'and'ice' at the same time" There seems to be no mention on the official website However to be exact for the practice of various skills the official website only wrote "self-experience" as if it was completely out of the way Yes although a person can learn several spells at the same time they must have similar or mutually reinforcing attributes If the attributes are restricted they will be eaten back by spells! He said with a serious face "so you must pay more attention when you practice magic in the future" 。