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    The "tiger-faced messenger" cried out with grief and indignation "Guo you don't go to heaven if there is a way and you come to hell if there is no way This time I 'Tiger-faced Messenger 'must teach you to be crushed to pieces! Guo Bike glanced at him in surprise and said with a sneer "The wandering soul in the palm of your hand thank you for your bold words Listening to your words you probably have all your brothers and sisters in trouble" The "tiger-faced messenger" laughed arrogantly and said "Are you afraid of Guo Hey not only are all of our eight Dharma protectors here but there are other superior people with them!" Guo Bike didn't think so and said with a proud smile "Ha ha ha" The Eight Dharma Protectors It should be the seven emissaries Pointing to the owner of the willow tree and others he said coldly "What kind of people are those" Hum Guo Mou wants to meet for a while! The "tiger-faced messenger" sneered and said "Hey boy listen carefully There are Ziyan the fourth landlord of Tianlai Island Hanyan the fifth landlord of Agate Slabs Countertops Tianlai Island Liu Yan and Blue the earth of Shenyun Altar under the seat of Goddess Guanyin" Without waiting to finish Guo Bike opened his eyes angrily and pointed to the "Shenxing Zombie" Lan Ziqi and shouted in a deep voice "Are you Lan Ziqi" "Shenxing Zombie" Lan Ziqi's eyes flashed and he said with a smile "Hey Hey hey since know the name of the uncle still not obediently be captured! Guo Bike gazed at the "Shenxing Zombie" with concentration and resentment Lan Ziqi for a long time suddenly raised his arms to the sky raised his head and cried bitterly "The Lord of Heaven you finally let me find the murderer!"

    This shrill cry which contained so much grief resentment resentment and pleasure made everyone present clearly and clearly aware of his inner hatred which had reached the level of "implacable" Blue Taro was so timid that he couldn't help retreating three steps in a row Suddenly he realized that he was too weak to do so So he reluctantly shouted "Guo open your eyes and see clearly Of course Taiye is not a fuel-efficient lamp How can everyone here let you be arrogant Hey since you didn't overreach yourself to die next year today will be your memorial day!" Agate Stone Price Guo Bike's face was full of murder "I wish I could eat your flesh and peel your skin" he said "It's useless to talk nonsense Let's go together so as not to waste too much time!" At this point he suddenly turned his head sideways and whispered to Huo Qiufeng "Brother Huo you should step back for the time being and prepare for the dark green son to coordinate If I'm not good enough I'll do it immediately Don't worry about it!" Huo Qiufeng answered in a low voice and the four young players retreated to the side of the forest the heart can not help but quietly dark will be "ghost needle" Be ready "Black Water Man Bear" and others have long been impatient with a loud cry transposition has been surrounded by Guo Bike As soon as "Shenxing Zombie" saw that it was now or never his eyes flashed with a touch of viciousness and with a smile he stepped into the battle circle Calacatta Quartz Slab Obviously he deliberately in this war with the joint efforts of all will always be a great threat to him Guo Bike get rid of! It seemed to be a tight string and the sharp arrow was already placed on the string watching an earth-shaking bloody battle about to break out Suddenly Liu Yan shouted "Wait a minute!" Guo Bike gathered his hands together to guard against the attacks of the enemies around him "There's no such nonsense" he said with a sneer "If you don't like the number of people you might as well come together If you frown you're not a hero!" Liu Yan the landlord gazed at the handsome and mighty young man

    A faint sigh but do not speak! "Red hand butcher" in the heart fire hurriedly shouted "big building Lord need not intervene today if you don't teach this less than death without burial place unless the sky hang two suns!" This person is impetuous and angry He does what he says With a loud roar he deceives Zhonggong steps on Hongmen makes mistakes with his palms and goes straight to the key point of Guo Bike's middle plate! Liu Yan was startled and said "The Goddess of Mercy has told you not to hurt this man How dare you disobey the order and act without permission!" But her shout although the "Shenxing Zombie" was slightly stunned was still a step too late At the moment when the "Red Hand Butcher" took the lead the "Black Water Man Bear" laughed his thin and tall body was as thin as bamboo and he was bullied into three feet The ghost claw raised and grabbed Guo Bike's "Baihui" "Sun" "Shoulder Well" and "Xuanji" four key points The claw wind was cold and bitter Seem to be able to really seduce the soul of the person! At the same moment the "Fiery Flying Eagle" had an olive head a low waist and a short body and a series of strong winds came out from his palms flying around Guo Bike's key hole in the lower plate But at this moment the "tiger-faced messenger" Agate Slabs For Sale who bullied the weak and feared the strong relying on the strength of many people unwilling to be outdone immediately burst into a frenzy of laughter and attacked as many as eleven palms and fourteen legs in one breath Any one of these four people is enough to shock Jianghu Why are the four people coming together Guo Bike heart a Rin quickly spread out the body can flash through the "Red Butcher" frontal attack and the other three sides of the attack has been thunderous attack the oncoming force of the fierce straight like a mountain of regret in general! As a result Guo Bike suddenly blurted out a long smile his body flashed like lightning and although he could not wait he was able to advance and retreat at will in the clutches of the enemy This kind of abstruse posture fell into the eyes of the owner of Ziyan She could not help whispering to the owner of Hanyan "Five younger sisters you see how this person surnamed Guo can understand the'Yin and Yang Dao 'posture of this door and" With a shock to her body Han Yan quietly answered "And he's so skillful and mysterious that he seems to feel more wonderful than what we've learned" After speaking the two sisters fixed their eyes on Guo Bike again not knowing what they were thinking Guo Bike flashed past the first round of the opponent's attack snorted coldly and let go of the attack I saw his palm flying wind and thunder legs sweeping lightning suddenly like a dragon in the sky Suddenly like the rock of Mount Tai moving like a rabbit quiet like a dead leaf it is as light as a dead leaf but the force of a thousand surges is endless from this dead leaf! Shenxing Zombie "Lanziqi's heartstrings tightened and he murmured 'He actually practiced the'Nine Yin Six Yang and Sixteen Styles' into this high fire Hou hum!" He hummed coldly in his heart jealous and murderous and slowly moved to the arena! Liu Yan landlord said a surprised cold way "What do you want Lord of the Blue Altar" 。