How much do they differ from each other?

  • How much do they differ from each other?
    Jiang looked at the rearview mirror and carefully backed out of the garage At that moment an Audi came head-on She turned the steering wheel to the left only to crash directly into the front of an imported Volkswagen next to her The owner of the Audi was a woman in her fifties or sixties The woman came down and immediately apologized Jiang took a picture and let her go first But what about this imported Volkswagen It looks like a nice car Jiang wanted to run away but she waited for nearly half an hour Finally because the owner of the car did not come she put a post-it note in front of the windshield of the car with her name and phone number on it But there are people in this world who are not short of money Jiang had not received a call from the owner of the car until he went to work on Monday Meister's morning meeting time is the same as Shengting's Last year Meister was overhauled by a new president The average age of uns c68700 Meister's newly formed management is no more than 30 which means that Meister has the youngest management in S city Meister is completely different from Shengting If the theme of Shengting is "business" "luxury" and "aristocracy" Meister is "young" "fashion" and "light luxury" At the end of the morning meeting Jiang Jixu chatted with Manager Gu of the Marketing Department about the recent projects After the business talk the Manager Gu complained to her "General Manager Jiang do you know" My wife was on a business trip in London last week She lost 120000 yuan in horse betting Our family is going to drink the northwest wind "How so" Jiang was shocked "Your husband doesn't look like a gambler" "I've been cheated" Manager Gu's eyes were a little red She sighed and said "If I didn't have a child I would want to divorce" "Don't be impulsive the money can be earned back"

    Jiang a few words of comfort Manager Gu came to Jiang Jixu's desk and continued to talk about horse betting "I told him that an Argentine horse had won but I didn't expect a hybrid horse to take the first place" I thought it was obvious that I had won so I bought so many horse tickets Jiang Xu doesn't understand horse betting so he can only express regret to Manager Gu Manager Gu was still indignant "Actually I don't blame him If I were at the racetrack I wouldn't vote for the horse named xuxu It doesn't look like a champion horse" "Xuxu" Jiang opened his mouth in surprise Manager Gu realized later "It seems to be homophonic with General Manager Jiang's name" At noon Jiang used the computer to search for the horse named xuxu There were pictures of xuxu on the web page It was no longer the pony in her memory uns c70600 The only thing that remained unchanged was a tuft of white hair on her forehead which looked very perky I can't believe xuxu is so powerful It seems that she has fed it grass The dean found Ji Dongting at Buddha manor and Ji Dongting was leading xuxu from the artificial bridge The man was wearing an undershirt jeans and riding boots like a knight coming from the west Mr Ji He handed Ji Dongting the document he wanted to sign and said happily "I just came back from S city and came to you You see how good I am to you" "Thank you for your concern" Ji Dongting took xuxu back to the stable x70 line pipe patted him on the head and then went to a white house He sat on the sofa and looked at the documents sent by dean He looked through them roughly and affirmed "dean you did a good job" He suddenly sat down and handed over a post-it note Ji Dongting frowned at the name and phone number on the post-it note The familiar handwriting made him squint Besides he didn't have much reaction Instead he leaned against the sofa and asked "What do you mean" "I borrowed my friend's new car and I walked away and in the blink of an eye it was hit and there was this post-it note on it" dean complained Ji Dongting put the post-it note on the tea table and smiled "Let your friend find the perpetrator What are you looking for me here for" Am I a police officer "All right but the cost of maintenance is expensive" He took out his cell phone to dial "I'd better tell my friend directly let him contact the perpetrator quickly if possible he can also knock a pen Jiang butler is a good person to discuss" "Hehe"

    "Ji Dongting was dismissive of dean's words" How much is Jiang Zong That woman is now a rich man a great rich man She can afford it " "Yes although the annual salary is 500000 it's a pity that the monthly salary is just over 10000" He dialed the number and put it in his ear "My friend is generous enough to let Jiang's housekeeper pay in installments" Ji Dongting was annoyed when he saw dean He stood up from the sofa and took the post-it note on the uns s32750 sheet tea table into his pocket He opened his mouth and said "You pay the repair fee first and I will add it to your salary" Smiling dean actually dialed the number of his girlfriend who was a lovely Dutch girl Soon dean began to talk sweetly on the phone full of sweet words Ji Dongting frowned and went straight out When dean hung up his cell phone his heart was filled with joy and finally there was a joy of turning over serfs and singing Now he's the man with a girlfriend Where's the lonely one outside When a man is single for a long time there will be some changes in his body and temperament and he will be criticized Ji Dongting was reading in the library of Bishop Road on the weekend He read a fairy tale book which Jiang had read a few times Maybe it's really boring recently He can read such boring books for an afternoon His moth came to look for him just before supper He put down his book and asked "Do you want to stay for dinner tonight I'll ask the housekeeper to prepare more food" "Kings1ey you never kept me for dinner before" Ji Mu said with a flash of worry in her eyes Is it Ji Dongting looked at his mother "but is there a problem" "Of course there is" Mother Ji said sadly "You haven't had a girlfriend since you broke up with Xu Xu not even a boyfriend" Ji Dongting looked at his mother seriously "I'm normal" "I know" Ji Mu took her son's hand "but there is no mother in the world who is not worried about her son I have always been afraid that you are too sad" Ji Dongting pulled his mouth "I'm all right" 。