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    Pan Lin and Li Yibo analyzed the problem while the director switched the broadcast screen according to the direction they discussed The audience is undoubtedly happy at this time they not only have a wide range of holographic projection pictures but also have many details presented by many large electronic screens on the scene Because of this they are far less focused than the audience in front of the TV While the audience in front of the TV is still struggling with what Zhou Zekai Jiang Botao Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng will do they have more questions to pay attention to Can Sun Xiang's autumn of a leaf catch up with An Wenyi's cold hands When will the other two players of reincarnation be able to help the three players in the scrap warehouse like a surprise soldier from heaven In view of the fact that there are more reincarnation fans on the scene they should pay special attention to this issue Lv Boyuan Fang Minghua Although the two men have not yet reached the end of the waste warehouse they are by no means unaware of the situation here Fighting on multiple fronts the players of each line should inform each other of the situation so as to sort out the overall 316l stainless steel pipe situation and make changes and adjustments which is very necessary So in the waste warehouse whether it is three pairs of one or by Qiao Yifan An Wenyi and Su Mucheng's support to disturb the rhythm one after another both of them have a general understanding in the channel There is no doubt that they should come to support and the audience is looking forward to their growth However Fang Rui and his infinite sea have become the biggest obstacle to this much-anticipated masterstroke After he sent Su Mu Cheng and Mu Yu Cheng Feng to not much (not long after) he ambushed in the place he had to pass through waiting for Lu Boyuan and Fang Minghua The roles of Lu Boyuan and Fang Minghua passed by here in a hurry almost when Su Mucheng's Muyu Orange Wind rushed into the scrap warehouse and began to assist At this time they also happened to see the channel Jiang Botao sent about

    Su Mu orange to the array No mention of Fang Rui This is a problem that two people noticed immediately after they saw the news The exchange of information within the team during the game must be immediate and accurate If Jiang Botao saw Fang Rui's infinite sea he must mention it in the message If he didn't see it he must not have appeared But two people also did not discover the sea immeasurable two people hurriedly feedback this information back Because they are clear about the terrain of the waste depot not to mention the wretchedness of Fang Rui Jiang Botao's information only shows that they have not yet discovered the infinite sea but it does not mean that Fang Rui has not yet arrived Xingxin's support is very hierarchical this Fang Rui most likely did not appear immediately after the (ambush) but to find the opportunity to launch a decisive blow As soon as they sent out the news of Fang Rui Fang Rui launched a sneak attack on the two of them The two men hurriedly sent out the news of Fang Rui's appearance again and corrected the previous information This is very important because the wrong information will cause the players over there to misjudge the situation x70 line pipe Then two to one battle no one too feel how serious the situation Fang Rui left behind the sneak attack in everyone's view is just a delay of some time with the ambush point and the distance between the waste depot is not far away I am afraid this will not produce any judgment of the trouble After all reincarnation here as long as Lv Poyuan slightly entangled Fang Rui let Fang Minghua's priest leave first then this attack has been completely meaningless The reason is very simple but the problem is that they didn't do it! From the very beginning x60 line pipe the direction of Fang Rui's attack was particularly clear that is Fang Minghua's priest laughed and sang calmly After the two men passed by Hai Wuliang appeared quietly behind them and then caught the cloud hand But Fang Rui looked down upon the wariness of the two reincarnations and their perspective did not turn back Fang Minghua turned the angle of view saw immediately operated the laughing song to dodge Lv Boyuan immediately noticed did more absolutely directly let his Yunshan chaos blocked to the laughing song They considered the possibility of Fang Rui entering the waste warehouse but not showing up but also thought of the possibility of this guy ambushing outside to contain them because Fang Rui is so wretched how to figure out is not too much As for the containment and harassment against them the two men obviously had the idea early As soon as he noticed it Lv Boyuan went directly to Yunshan's chaotic body to cover it and Fang Minghua was not ambiguous at all Xiao Ge continued to move freely leaving Fang Rui to Lv Boyuan alone to deal with

    "Where to run!" The public channel has been quite quiet until Fang Rui's action the news appeared again Fang Minghua of course will not really stop running because of his trash talk Fang Rui's news to tell the truth has no effect on the people in front of him More importantly it interferes with the minds of the players who can't see the situation at the other end As for whether there is interference Fang Rui will not worry about catch cloud hand by Lv Boyuan Yunshan chaos Fang Rui of course can not catch a judo into the bosom that is with Lv Boyuan's intention Catching the cloud hand was immediately cancelled the sea Wuliang rushed up quickly depressed body shape filled with a stream of wretchedness Lv Boyuan operated Yunshan Luan forward to intercept and the other side of this low wretched figure in his view is indeed a bit of an eyesore Fang Rui's wretched movement has also been demonstrated by experts and everyone agrees with the scientific nature of this shrinking movement for such a highly operational game as Glory this shrinking is tantamount to reducing the opponent's attack point So this way does not mean that only Fang Rui is using it but only this guy uses it and we can't think of any other adjectives except obscene The character who shrinks and moves as soon as he has his hand has a swallow-headed rat's eye Lv Poyuan looked at the opponent in front of him and had to adjust his chaotic posture Under normal circumstances the shoulders that can be grasped with both hands are almost pushed to the ground by Fang Rui If Yunshan wants to grab the target at this time he has to shoot obliquely downward Distance angle that's not the same as facing a normal opponent Charge! Lv Boyuan chose to take the initiative to attack trying to control the situation more actively Yunshan chaotic body is also half-arched arms hanging in front of him like a gorilla but for the infinite posture of the sea his posture is undoubtedly more convenient to grasp The distance between the two characters is rapidly closing and Lu Boyuan is always watching the existence of the infinite hands of the sea as long as there is a slight change Coming! lksteelpipe.com