The whole entertainment circle spoils me [system] -- Ji Xiaobao

  • The whole entertainment circle spoils me [system] -- Ji Xiaobao
    Then he reposted "Oh how can Su Su do this to his fans" Her fans just liked her too much to do such a thing And it was said in the bulletin that the fans turned themselves in Others have realized their mistakes and should be given a chance to correct them If it were me I would never call the police Liu Menger played a long paragraph and then posted it on Weibo The broker sitting opposite was vaguely aware of something Menger what did you do again "Nothing" Liu Menger looked relaxed "I sent a micro-blog" The broker was relieved Because Liu Menger was outspoken the company set up a straightforward public persona for her Saying the wrong thing once in a while can also be regarded as true temperament Basically it can be rounded The broker opened Weibo looked at Liu Menger's long article and had a flash of inspiration in his mind Su Su's reputation is not very good recently We can take advantage of the situation to hype and tear her up "Oh why are you so bad" Liu Meng'er said hypocritically "Su Su has just been frightened by an illegitimate meal He may not be able to eat or sleep well for two days How afraid he is" And now that we've finally caught someone it's uns s31803 sheet not good for us to go up and step on it The broker touched his chin "You have a point" Liu Meng'er did not expect the broker to react like this and quickly said "But to be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to oneself" Su Su and I collide in the future in the circle I and she must only fire one I can't help it either "Come on" the broker laughed "I'm bluffing you I don't know you yet He got up "the company bought the annual hot search" I'm going to ask if there are any targets in these two days If there are I want one to come just in time for our action "Good" Liu Menger smiled proudly She seemed to be able to see Su Su being trampled under by her Su Su has been criticized for his acting skills A few days ago she was exposed as the heroine of "Unique" and many netizens were very disgusted When you like a person you will love me and my dog and like all of her And when you hate a person you will hate me and my dog and hate all of her Liu Menger pretended to say something for the illegitimate meal and the spearhead was directed at Su Su If it were anyone other than Su Su the comments under Liu Menger's Weibo would not be so harmonious It happened that Su Su became popular overnight and the foundation was unstable Coupled with the recent bad reviews the comments present a one-sided situation

    Menger was right They all turned themselves in You have to forgive others and don't be too extreme in doing things "Our dream is the kindest" "What's so great about graduating from a famous university" uns s32760 plate People do not know the truth of leaving a line …… The computer in the rental house glowed faintly A girl with a scar on her right face liked and forwarded the post on the Weibo account of "Favorite Dream" And commented "Meng'er is so kind" She said that if she had encountered such a thing she would forgive it and would never call the police As soon as the comments were sent out they were praised by many people The girl checked the list of likes and was not surprised to see the figure of the water army in it Then in just ten minutes the hot search of "Liu Menger is so kind" quickly climbed to the tenth place The girl gave a sneer She took out a stack of medical certificates from the drawer Because of school violence her face was scarred her uterus was damaged and she was unable to get pregnant for life She had nightmares every day and repeated the scenes of school violence After psychotherapy I finally got better She is ready to let go of the past stay away from Liu Menger and live a good life alone But Liu Menger the culprit has jumped from a little girl to a star who started by marketing active in front of the screen and on social media As soon as she opens social media she can always see her and even have to receive information about her 347 stainless steel Liu Menger has even become a permanent guest of her favorite variety show That's ridiculous Once picked up the butcher's knife the merciless little sister was transformed into a star but also set up a kind and lovely person Since then her idea of staying away from Liu Menger has been completely shattered She began to take the initiative to collect Liu Menger's information and join Liu Menger's fan group She wants to get back at her

    Why can Liu Menger who has done all kinds of evil things be washed clean appear in front of the screen and become the idol of many people She still remembers what Liu Menger said when she stepped on her face and was elated Do you know what hurts the most when you slap someone Take off the ring of the can put it in the palm of your hand and slap it up Even if you don't hit it hard it will hurt Not only does it hurt but it also leaves ugly scars on the face which you have to wear for a lifetime The author has something to say Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution or commented on it Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution change the nickname 1 bottle; [Long time no see kiss little change ~] Thank you very much for your support I will continue to work hard! Chapter 61 Liu Menger is missing! As soon as the news came out the whole Internet exploded Because Liu Menger's last micro-blog before her disappearance was directed at Su Su some netizens even began to talk about conspiracy At first everyone didn't take it seriously Until the news that Su Su was taken away by the police became a hot search The netizens were stunned Is the reality too mysterious I thought it was a joke Is it true that Su Su ordered people to kidnap Liu Menger No what does she want Although Su Su has been scolded miserably by everyone during this period But she still has some basic self-restraint and she shouldn't be able to do such a thing right Netizens have been to the beginning of the hidden connotation of the blogger Bo under the message all think that bloggers know some inside story The blogger replied "I don't know anything" I just like to read detective stories and make blind associations I can't believe that Su Su will be taken away by the police when I watch the news now Although her acting is not good her character is good But Su Su was indeed taken away by the police in the name of cooperating with the investigation Su Su sat in the police station rather cramped Although she had never done anything bad she was still a little flustered when she was suddenly taken to the police station