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    It has been said before that there are not only difficult monsters in this mountain range but also the endless array of strange doors The stone forest that Chu Tianming met before was one of them and the swamp that he met now was one of them Ten meters above the swamp the air is filled with green gas which gathers but does not disperse all the year round Not only does the gas itself worry about the terrible toxicity but also there are countless terrible poisons living in these gases Chu Tianming had seen the toad who had been covered with purple and black jumping around in the gas not jumping into the swamp looking like he was taking a bath The swamp looked ordinary but Chu Tianming tried to throw in a top-grade treasure and as soon as it touched the swamp a thick smoke rose and then in the blink of an eye it turned into a pool of pus mixed into the mud of the swamp This scene scared Chu Tianming involuntarily back a few steps if this is their own rashly in then the end of the top-grade treasure is likely to be his own end If he had bathed in it 316 stainless steel plate like a toad there wouldn't have been any ashes left Chapter 583 professional knowledge is very important! "How can I get here" Chu Tianming is puzzled The swamp in front of him big or small just blocked his way if he wanted to take a detour Chu Tianming looked at the left and right sides and found that it was all green It wasn't grass It was green poison gas It was deadly poison gas that would kill people if it stuck to one point Chu Tianming wouldn't go in and try its toxicity No no matter how difficult the test is there will be a chance of survival and there can be no test of death! Chu Tianming did not believe that the former master of the Splendid Heavenly Palace would set up obstacles to death that is to say this seemingly doomed swamp actually left a chance of survival The next moment Chu Tianming unhurriedly sat cross-legged his eyes fell on the swamp in front of him with his professional eyes looking at the swamp One day two days three days Seven days later Chu Tianming finally saw some clues I see Chu Tianming clapped his hands and immediately stood up It turns out that there are countless footholds in the swamp but they look no different from other places as long as I step on these footholds I can pass smoothly!

    The top of the swamp is shrouded in a no-fly boundary the level of this boundary is too high although Chu Tianming can see it but it can not be broken otherwise he flew low on the line there is no need to spend so much time to find a foothold It was because of this damned boundary that Chu Tianming had to think hard for so many days before he finally found a feasible way Found the way of the past Chu Tianming immediately found a large pile of gravel from nearby intending to use these to explore the way Although he can guess the location of some foothold what if he guesses wrong x52 line pipe So before you set foot on it you have to use other things to see if these places are safe The next moment Chu Tianming picked up a stone and threw it out landing steadily in a swamp a few meters ahead 'Here ' Smoke billowed and the stones turned to ashes in an instant As soon as Chu Tianming's face changed he secretly said "It's so dangerous" Picking up a stone again Chu Tianming threw it at another foothold about the same distance This time the stone fell there steadily and did not appear to be decomposed and melted Chu Tianming smiled and jumped up gently The tip of one foot rested lightly on that point He did not dare to step on too many places the stone was only so big it determined that the safe place was only so big so Chu Tianming stepped on the stone touching the stone only a little on his toes Steady yourself Chu Tianming picked up a stone again and threw it out landing on another foothold three meters away 'Here ' The first guess was wrong and Chu Tianming picked up the second stone again and threw it out Who knew that the second time was wrong Five times in a row the sixth time Chu Tianming finally found a foothold four meters away if it were an ordinary person

    Even if you find it you can't jump over it but Chu Tianming is not an ordinary person not to mention the distance of four meters that is four hundred meters and four thousand meters he can jump over it lightly But if it's too far Chu Tianming really dare not jump who knows on the way will not suddenly kill some poison here can not fly once forced to fall by these poisons Chu Tianming can be too tragic The distance of four meters was reached in 316ti stainless steel an instant He still landed on his toes and stood firmly on this foothold With the experience of the first two times the next journey will be much easier After throwing out hundreds of stones in a row Chu Tianming had already advanced for some distance and looking back the shore of the swamp was already thousands of meters away from here Just then the sharp-eyed Chu Tianming suddenly found that the poison gas dozens of meters ahead suddenly rolled followed by a five-meter-long pattern centipede from the poison gas fell on the swamp For Chu Tianming is enough to kill the swamp for this centipede but like a fish in water see the front of Chu Tianming the eyes actually flashed a trace of excitement The next moment the pattern centipede rushed to this side at a very fast speed Chu Tianming did not dare to let him close directly a sword Zhang long sword gas instantly split to the centipede who knows that he was very dexterous to avoid Seeing Chu Tianming attack himself the centipede's eyes flashed a trace of tyranny in vain Broken Chu Tianming knew that he was bad This guy's flexibility was far beyond his expectation If he was close to him his ability to move freely in the swamp would obviously indicate that he also had terrible toxicity If he sprayed a mouthful of venom Chu Tianming would be in real trouble