Peach blossom leaves

  • Ying Ru sighed, returned to the piano platform and sat down, playing a word again, without the previous lightness, but more melancholy about this life. On the West Tower alone, the soup is cold and roasted, and the jade porcelain Qiong liquid is added to the cup. The thin clothes are cold, and the phoenix brocade is shining on the tooth bed. The window shows the clear wave gauze curtain, the silver hook curtain, the red face is haggard. The Rouge is extinguished, the lead is washed away, and the beauty in the building retreats. Ice tears, drop where, dark seepage mahogany, crazy smile flying. Curtain rolls up courtyard exterior scene, enchanting charm. Carved horn green stove aloes, bitter sorrow intestines, but drink to meet drunk. On the branches of the moon, the solitary lamp shines alone. When will you return? "Man Ting Fang",Alumina Ceramic C795, the tall building looks alone, only the concubine looks forward to Lang. When he went back, Lin Suyang still shared a carriage with Han Yufeng. Have you been in a better mood after talking for so long? Hanyufeng asked softly. Lin Suyang looked at him and was silent for a while before he said, "You.." What do you think of Ying Ru? "影茹 ? She is a very nice girl. Talking to her will make you feel that all the unhappiness will disappear. It will make you feel free to be around her. Han Yufeng did not know why Lin Suyang would ask this, but found that she seemed to have more on her mind. Then you.. Why don't you bring her here? After thinking about it, Lin Suyang finally asked this sentence. What kind of person is Hanyu Feng? As soon as he heard this, he understood what Lin Suyang meant. His face sank and his whole body was cold. He sneered at Lin Suyang and said,alumina c799, "Who do you think I am?"? Like to linger in the flowers, like to sit in the beauty? I am the emperor of Yanliao, what you want, how can you care about a small brothel woman? There's nothing in this world I can't have, including you. Then he shouted "stop" to the outside and got up to leave. Lin Su-yang heard him say to the rickshaw puller again, "Take your son back." Then came the sound of the carriage. She sat alone in the car and said silently, "I'm sorry.". I don't know if it's to Hanyu Feng or Ying Ru. Volume 2 Fallen Dust Chapter 50 Jianjia Weiyang YanLiao palace is in the north of JiAo, although the palace city is large, the buildings are orderly and clear, inside the canal, many places can be sailing, but no one dares to do so, unless you don't want to live, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,7g Ozone Generator, otherwise who dares to be presumptuous at the foot of the son of heaven. Shengong is the name of a palace in the Yanliao Imperial Palace, which is specially used to store important items of the royal family. Because some things could not be preserved for a long time in the outside temperature, an ice room was built under the deep palace. The so-called ice room is just a super-large ice cellar, which is filled with ice left over from winter and replaced every year. If something needs to be kept cold, put it in an iron box directly on the ice, which is no less useful than the modern refrigerator. Under the wind of Hanyu, he hurried to the ice room of the deep palace in the morning. When he entered the main hall, he turned away from all the palace people and approached a small room beside the ice room. When you open the door, you can see everything inside. There was only a stone bed and a table and chair in the narrow space, on which there was a tea tray, beside which there was a cup filled with half a cup of water. There you are. A cold voice came from the right. Han Yufeng went in and sat down on the chair and said to the man in Tsing Yi who was sitting cross-legged on the stone bed, "Here we are." Who is this person, can speak like this in front of the Lord of a country, and Han Yufeng will not mind? Look closely at the outline of his eyebrows and eyes, that another kind of pale and handsome, unexpectedly is the disappearance of Sijunxing for a long time! "How much longer?" Hanyu Feng asked. Less than half an hour. She. When will you come? Si Junxing asked. I'll bring her here tomorrow. Remember what you promised me. Si Junxing was silent for a while and said, "I know." Then both of them stopped talking. Hanyu Feng's fingertips kept tapping on the wooden desktop. Make a "tap-tap-tap" sound. Echoing in the silence of the cabin. It looks very strange. A long time. Han Yufeng got up and looked at the man on the bed and said, "Go and have a look." Si Junxing got down from the bed and walked carefully on the cold stone wall. When I was approaching the door, I didn't hear the sound of Hanyu Feng. He stopped. Turning his back to Han Yufeng, he said, "Let's go.". Although the eyes can't see. But my ears can still be used. It turned out that Si Junxing had narrowly escaped death in the war. But I lost my sight. I can't see anything with my eyes now. Fortunately, the martial arts are still there. With an extraordinary ear. He can hear the sound and identify the position. It's just a lot of inconvenience in moving. Hanyufeng opened the door of the ice room. A cold air gushed in at once. The two men went in together. Come to the iceberg in the middle. I saw a small golden iron box on the snow-white ice. The box was surrounded by a dense circle of crushed ice. Like pearls in the deep sea. Give off a cold light. Han Yufeng was about to open the box when he heard Si Junxing say, "Pay attention to concentrating the internal force on the hand to open the box.". At this moment, Jiulianbing is in the period of the heaviest cold. It's easy to get hurt if you're not careful. He held out his hand and paused. Then he opened the box with a jerk. Nine lotus ice, nine petals of transparent ice clinging together, forming the shape of a lotus flower, each place is permeated with the clarity of water and the brilliance of spar, which makes people feel that the waves are rippling and dazzling. The temperature in the ice room suddenly dropped a lot because of the opening of the iron box. If it were an ordinary person, it would have been shivering with cold. Han Yufeng nodded and said, "All right." The magic of Jiulian Bing lies not only in its extraordinary efficacy, but also in the fact that it will wither like a real flower. It is reasonable to say that Jiulian Bing is just a dead thing, how can it wither? In fact, when it was transported to Yanliao, it began to appear abnormal. The end of each ice petal melted bit by bit. The melting speed was very slow, but when it arrived at the palace, the whole ice flower shrank by half. At that time, it did not attract much attention from Hanyu Feng. Anyway, it was not a very important thing. It didn't matter if the legends were not believed, so he put it in the ice room at will. Later, when he learned that Lin Suyang had been hit by this medicine, he hurriedly sent a message back to inquire about the situation of Jiulianbing. Knowing that Jiulianbing was slowly recovering, he was a little relieved. However,Ozone generator ceramic plate, it would take a long time to recover to her previous complete appearance, so when he brought Lin Suyang to Yanliao, he did not immediately use Jiulian Bing to treat her injuries for this reason.