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  • Yan Huang Lao Zu shook his head and said, "I don't know that now. I can't judge until I see the corpse." "It should be impossible for the ancient strong to rise in the mainland of Tianwu. Maybe the strong in the outer land fled here with serious injuries, or maybe the strong in the outer land died here for some reason." "Tianwu Continent is also one of the ancient continents, and it is normal for strong people to appear in the Outland." Just like there are always some alien relics on the earth. You can't say he doesn't exist without seeing it. Long Fei immediately thought of the catastrophe of the dragon clan, and the catastrophe of the dragon family, this kind of catastrophe 3330000 year, if it is not a natural disaster is the invasion of the strong Outland, since Lao Zu is certainly not the ancient golden corpse, will it be the strong Outland who was seriously injured by the dragon clan in those years? A strong man in the divine world? The corpse of a strong man in the divine world? "Damn it!" Thinking of this, Long Fei was a little excited. With so many dragon casualties, I don't believe that even a strong man in Outland dares not to die, and there must be casualties among them. If a strong man of the divine world falls on this road. That "Gudong!" Long Fei swallowed his saliva heavily, feeling that he found a dying super OSS who was about to die, and his heart was as excited as chicken blood. At this time. Scar asks: "Master, how to do?" "Don't worry," said Long Fei. "We'll see what happens." And then. Long Fei sent his voice to Scar and said,stainless tile trim, "You stare at the thin monkey." Scar's eyes froze and he nodded his head gently. He didn't know why Long Fei wanted him to keep an eye on the thin monkey, but there must be a reason. Long Fei came out at this time and said, "We are a convoy, a whole. We can't believe what others say." Besides, how many enemies are there? We don't know what kind of strength it is, so we can't mess up. "We should unite against the enemy." Chen steward looked at Long Fei with a sense of gratitude in his eyes. Although there are many people around him,china tile trim, it is difficult for them to go out. He needs help. Scar immediately said: "The master is right, we should unite, the enemy did not see was scared out of courage, then we also mix a fart ah." Long Fei walked up to steward Chen and said, "What we need most is water." At the same time. Long Fei sent a message to steward Chen, saying, "There are spies in the ranks." Chen steward's eyes were startled. He looked at Long Fei and immediately said, "Little brother, what can you do?" Long Fei said, "I'll take a few people to look for water. You can find a safe place to hide first and see what they do next." "Big black, one-eyed, aluminum tile edge trim ,tile trim manufacturers, we're going to look for water, and the others are following Chen Tou." Long Fei volunteered. Immediately. Long Fei three people walked into the canyon. Long Fei said to himself, "We must lure the spies out first and get rid of them." In ten minutes. Long Fei took out the manna Dan given by the younger martial sister, "I can't imagine that I have to rely on it at the critical moment. The younger martial sister hopes that your manna Dan won't disappoint me." Ganlu Dan. Besides being able to drink directly and keep enough water in the body, there is another effect, the elixir of rainfall. This elixir is mostly used to irrigate the immortal grass in the immortal grass garden. It is also a good elixir in the desert. Only Younger martial sister, can her alchemy be perfect? Long Fei is not sure. However! Now Longfei has no other way but to rely on it! Reading friends, you can search "", can be the first time to find the site oh. Chapter 793 you have lost! "Take out everything you can hold water, take off your clothes and spread them out." Black mountain and one-eyed one is stupefied. And then do it. They admired Long Fei very much in their hearts, and after Long Fei saved Scar, they were also secretly grateful. Because the four of them are brothers. Long Fei also took off his coat and spread it on the ground. "Teacher Cang, bless me," he said in his heart. Gan Lu Dan explodes! "Boom!" It made a sound and exploded in the air, and the white powder burst out. There is no change in the sky. Long Fei's heart sank, "Oh, no!" Younger Martial Sister, your alchemy is really unreliable. ” At the moment when Longfei gave up, the sky suddenly rained heavily. The area was not large, only one square meter, but that was enough. The three were overjoyed and immediately took the water. The heavy rain lasted for ten minutes. "Three people's water bottles are full, and their hair is deliberately wet under the instructions of Long Fei." When you get back, listen to my command together. Black Mountain and One-Eye nodded at once. "Why aren't they back yet?" The thin monkey said impatiently, "steward Chen, I don't think the boy surnamed Long has any good intentions. I suspect they are spies. Otherwise, how can these bandits know our route?" Scar immediately stood up and shouted, "Thin monkey, say it again." The thin monkey shouted, "Scar, are you one of them?" "I think you must be." How else could the boy surnamed Long save you? And since he was out looking for water just now, why didn't he take someone else, just two of the four of you? The thin monkey spoke in a methodical way. The boy surnamed Long is not a good man at first sight. He is not an outlaw hiding in the desert like us. We don't know what his identity is. He is the only one among us who is new. He must be a spy when he is blocked in the Sunset Canyon this time. The thin monkey became strong. Scar had a bad temper. He rushed up and grabbed the thin monkey by the collar. "Who the *** is the spy again?" "I've broken it," said the thin monkey. "Why else would you be so angry?" "Chen Tou, it must be them!" The thin monkey bites the dragon to fly. Scar couldn't help it, and he was about to go up with a slap. The thin monkey immediately said: "Kill people to silence, kill people to silence." "Stop it,stainless steel tile edge trim, Scar!" The steward shouted. Looking at Scar's menacing breath, steward Chen shouted, "I told you to stop. Didn't you hear me?" At this time.