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  • On this day, drastic changes took place in the Jedi. The Great Sages seized this rare opportunity and all went out to launch the most terrible attack. They broke through the Shenmue Mountains and killed them (). This mountain peak is not destroyed, like a living earth dragon, climbing to the four directions, making many roads for them, and people rush in. The ancient coffin is beyond the reach of the mustard seed. The Great Sacred Heart is frightened. There are unpredictable space rules in the depths of the Jedi. The Great Void is condensed into one. This forbidden zone looks very strange. Once you take a step, it looks like you are in a vast continent. People saw the sarcophagus, but it was always difficult to approach. Every step you take, you may break into a cosmic void, which is very strange! Ye Fan was shocked and said, "This is undoubtedly the ancient coffin of the Emperor of the Void. This is his law of the road. It refines the void of the universe. Even a tiny place can be as vast as the sea. What's more, it is so vast here." The old man of the divine realm came back, but it was too late. The Great Sages went deep into the coffin, aiming at the ancient coffin, and they all dispersed and walked among the special lines of the nine-fold coffin. Several old gods urged the killing array map to work hard, so they had to go deep into this vast continent and go in to look for and kill the enemy. This is really a good place. One day, if I am a God, I will establish this place as the most sacred ancestral land of my ancient gods and demons. Sanggu laughed and flashed into the depths of the ancient continent. He came for the gods and demons. Not long after the corpse appeared in the other direction, he gritted his teeth and jumped into a big crack, where there was blood gurgling, which was a treasure land for his corpse demon way. My word, my Dharma,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, devour everything here, and I may become the true God! The devouring beast glanced around, flashed away, and entered the depths of the ancient land. Ye Fan, Pang Bo and others also entered, but they could not come in for 20 years, and now the Great Sages finally blasted open the Jedi and let them enter for the first time. This place is vast and the terrain is complex and unfathomable, which is entirely caused by the mutual use of the sarcophagus and the ancient amulets of the burial place of gods and demons (). After going deep in, they found many doubts,ultrasonic dispersion machine, saw the traces of long-term residence, and saw a golden feather, which was left by the divine bird they saw 20 years ago. For seven or eight days in a row, all the heroes were cautious and explored separately, and there was no change. The terrain here is very complex, no one dares to be careless, a little carelessness may be lost. Ye Fan pondered for a long time and gradually realized the Tao here, because he had got the chessboard transport array of the Emperor of the Void, which contained great secrets. Half a month later, Ye Fan can take Pang Bo, Longma and so on to stride through, quickly in-depth, do not worry about meeting Qi Tian, life and so on, when it can be avoided. Boom! The sound of towering water came, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and after hundreds of miles, they saw a magnificent silver waterfall, falling down from a thousand feet cliff, with fog below, and the sound of water like thunder. There, there was a figure with his back to them, practicing boxing, and every punch was a rumbling road, with a bright moon hanging high at its head, like a God plate, dazzling. This is a heroic man who is realizing the truth, trying to figure out his own Dharma, and has fallen into a state of selflessness. Brother Haoyue. Pang Bo a stay, and then show the color of ecstasy, unexpectedly actually saw Ji Haoyue, although back to them, but he will never admit his mistake. Slow! Ye Fan grabbed him and said, "Ji Haoyue should be in this restricted area, but this is not the real one." "What are you saying?" Pombo was startled. Look at the deep pool where the waterfall falls. It's strange. It may be the soul pool in myths and legends! Ye Fan was on high alert and looked extremely dignified. To be continued. Chapter 1438 Soul Pool. This kind of thing has always been very illusory. It is a legendary thing. It is said that it can imitate the fluctuation of a person's soul and reproduce it truly. When Ye Fan set foot on the ancient starry road, the first thing he did was to collect all kinds of ancient books and learn all kinds of anecdotes about ancient and modern times, because he found that the secret of flying immortals was only occasionally seen in the most ancient secrets. It is precisely because of this, he has seen the description of the soul pool, the lake water is the soul liquid, does not reflect the surrounding scenery, only manifests the soul. Inside the soul pool, the silver liquid flows like mercury, then the golden liquid, shining, and finally the transparent liquid, constantly exchanging and circulating. Gold soul silver soul, plus strange fusion liquid, this is the composition of the soul pool, it seems that there will be no mistake. Ye Fan said, pay attention to the changes in the pool. Golden liquid, silver liquid, transparent viscous liquid, not always flash, a long time will occasionally appear, if not paid attention to it will certainly be ignored. The ancient pool is deep, and the silver waterfall falling from above hits in the middle, stirring up bursts of mist, enveloping and obscuring the place. Will it do any harm to brother Haoyue? Asked Pombo. "It's hard to say," said Ye Fan. "This kind of thing is too mysterious. I'm afraid no one knows how to use it now. Just heard that it can reproduce a person's soul fluctuations, lifelike, some people want to try to create a second soul, but failed. Pombo separated a divine thought, approached it, paid close attention to it, and found that there was a great power in the pool to pull its divine consciousness into it. Don't approach. There is a saying that this kind of soul pool is formed by melting the souls of endless ancient strong people into liquid after melting in a furnace. Ye Fan reminded. It's strange that the soul can turn into liquid. Longma and others were amazed. This kind of thing can be close, but it must have a physical body,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, otherwise the simple soul may be immediately melted and become part of the soul fluid. This also illustrates the importance of the physical body from the side. The physical body is the shell of God, protecting the soul. Anyone who wants to reach the highest level needs a solid and immortal body. Ye Fan said, "These are all caused by the disaster of longevity. There is an ancient record that the Soul Pool was evolved by the strong people in the mythological era to study flying immortals and immortality." 。 fycgsonic.com