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  • Fang Tiancheng said coldly, "Did you hear that?" "I heard part of it," said Zheng Dagang. Fang Tiancheng looked at Fang Yu and said, "Elder brother came in time. It seems that the child shouldn't have died. I'll go and solve his acupoint. We'll talk about it later." "Stop it," Zheng Dagang said coldly. At the same time, he split a knife and blocked Fang Tiancheng's way. Fang Tiancheng smiled and said, "What's the purpose of the eldest brother stopping the younger brother?" "I'm afraid you'll kill him," said Zheng Dagang. Holding a knife in his right hand, he strode to Fang Yu. Fang Tiancheng smiled faintly and said, "The eldest brother has a deep misunderstanding of the younger brother." Zheng Dagang ignored Fang Tiancheng, but reached out and patted the acupoint on Fang Yu's body alive. The divine light in Fang Tiancheng's eyes flashed and kept spinning on Fang Yu. It is a kind of willing to kill the eyes, full of vicious murder. Zheng Dagang said in a low voice, "My child, you don't want Uncle Zheng. Uncle Zheng makes decisions for you. Why did your uncle kill you? Tell me the truth." Fang Tiancheng thought that Zheng Dagang had heard most of the secrets. When he asked him this question, he knew that he had not heard the inside story. At that moment, he smiled and said, "Elder brother, the thing is.." Zheng Dagang shook his hand and said, "You don't have to tell me. I want to ask Yuer." Fang Tiancheng coughed lightly and said, "Pearl, tell you, Uncle Zheng, Uncle Zheng didn't really mean to kill you." Fang Yuxiao's face was serious. He looked at Fang Tiancheng and then at Zheng Dagang. He said slowly,PET blowing machine, "Uncle Zheng, I want to ask you something." "Good," said Zheng Dagang! You say it! "Uncle Zheng and my uncle have known each other for a long time," said Fang Yu. "More than twenty years," said Zheng Dagang. Fang Yu said, "Uncle Zheng has known my uncle for a long time." Zheng Dagang raised his eyebrows and said, "Yes, I'm afraid you and I have been separated for a long time. Your uncle wants to practice a kind of elixir and live alone in seclusion in Mount Emei." Fang Yu sighed softly and said,plastic bottle making machine, "a tiger doesn't eat its children. Uncle really has no reason to kill my little nephew. There must be an unpredictable change in the middle." "What do you mean?" Asked Zheng Dagang. Fang Yu answered, "Before the younger generation knows the truth, I don't want to make a judgment and spit blood at people. But before the younger generation leaves, I have something to tell Uncle Zheng." "What's the matter?" Asked Zheng Dagang. "Uncle Zheng and Uncle Shi," said Fang Yu, "please take good care of my kind-hearted aunt and brother.." Reaching out, he picked up the sword and walked up to Fang Tiancheng. "Uncle can't hide it now," he said. Fang Tiancheng coughed lightly and said, "What's the matter?" With a wave of his right hand, Fang Yu cut off the hair on his head and said coldly, "No matter who you are, you have been kind to me. Today I cut off my hair to pay for the kindness. From now on, Fang Yu is dead, and Fang Xueyi is alive.." Turning to Zheng Dagang, he folded his fists and said, "Uncle Zheng's love for each other will be rewarded by the younger generation in the future. The younger generation will say goodbye to each other." Zheng Dagang sighed and said, juice filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, "Don't worry, my child."! I hope we can meet again in Jianghu in the future. Fang Xueyi turned over and mounted his horse and rode away. Zheng Dagang, with a Zijin sword in his hand, watched Fang Tiancheng until Fang Xueyi's back disappeared. Then he sheathed the sword and said slowly, "Brother Fang, why did you kill Fang Yu?" Fang Tiancheng looked indifferent and said slowly, "This is our family business. Elder brother had better not meddle in it." Zheng Dagang said slowly, "I've met you, little brother. How can I ignore you?" Fang Tiancheng suddenly jumped up and jumped straight onto the horse's back. Zheng Dagang snorted coldly, raised his right hand, and the Zijin Dao came out of its scabbard again, splitting the past like lightning. The knife was so fast that Fang Tiancheng had to jump to avoid it. When the light of the knife passed, the strong horse hissed sadly, and a long strong horse was split in two by him. Fang Tiancheng stared at the horse's corpse for a moment and said, "Elder brother, it seems that you really want to kill my younger brother." Zheng Dagang said slowly, "It's common sense for the second younger brother to act. How can he not be suspicious?" Fang Tiancheng said coldly, "We are brothers who value life and death. We have shared life and death for 20 years and helped each other in adversity.". ” "Yes," said Zheng Dagang, "but we brothers have always been honest and honest, and we have never cheated each other. The second brother wants to kill his nephew. Besides, he is the one who just saved your life. Can the younger brother ignore such unreasonable things?" Fang Tiancheng said coldly, "If there is no brotherhood, will the eldest brother still be in charge of our housework?" "That depends," said Zheng Dagang! Let's be chivalrous, and when we see injustice on the road, we have to draw a sword to help each other. Fang Tiancheng said slowly, "The eldest brother has done a lot to the younger brother. It seems that the friendship between us has been broken. Our brotherly love should come to an end.." Zheng Dagang said slowly, "If the second brother Fang is determined to break up with the younger brother, the younger brother will never force him to do so. However, the bridge returns to the bridge, and the road returns to the road. Although our brothers have done their best, they still do not hinder the younger brother from inquiring about Fang Yu." Fang Tiancheng said, "If we are brothers, we have already broken off our friendship and cut off our robes. I can refuse to answer any questions from Brother Zheng." Zheng Dagang gave a sneer and said, "Does the second brother want to threaten the younger brother by breaking up with him?" Fang Tiancheng suddenly pulled out his long sword and drew an earthen ditch. "From now on," he said, "our brothers will never be in love with each other. We will never contact each other again." Zheng Dagang suddenly raised his head and burst out laughing. "Fang Tiancheng," he said, "if you want me to leave in anger and stop asking you about Fang Tiancheng, you've made a mistake." Fang Tiancheng said coldly, "If I don't tell you Zheng Dagang." When Zheng Dagang heard him call out his name directly, his face changed and he shouted angrily, "Fang Tiancheng, if you are really so ungrateful, there is only one way to make Zheng stop asking about it!" "Is Brother Zheng going to fight with me?" Asked Fang Tiancheng. "Yes," said Zheng Dagang, "as long as you defeat the sword in my hand, Zheng will turn around and leave. He will never ask about you." Fang Tiancheng said, "If Brother Zheng forces Fang to make a move, I'll have to accompany him. But the weapon has no eyes. If you hurt Master Zheng,water bottling line, don't blame me." Zheng Dagang said angrily, "If you have the ability, just use it." 。