The gate of creation

  • Even if the star wheel has no spirit, a year later, Ningcheng also entered the virtual city of the five realms. Ningcheng was not in the mood to wander around the virtual city of the five realms. He came to the transport array at the first time. He wanted to go to the Taisu realm. It was the most time-saving way to pass the transport array. Ningcheng had just handed in the divine crystal and was waiting for the next wave of transmission when the transmission array not far away flashed a circle of white awn. What puzzled Ning Cheng was that after Bai Mang, only one person rushed out of the transport array. The man's face was pale, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, and Ningcheng knew that he was seriously injured without divine knowledge. Can let a Huadao Shengdi so seriously injured, it seems that this guy is not weak. What made Ningcheng take one more look was that this man was still a Dan God. The strength of Ningcheng is far superior to that of the other side, and the level of Dan Dao is far superior to that of the general Dan teacher. You can see the rhyme of Dan Dao all over this person's body. Who can help me send this jade slip to Taisu and give it to Taisu Daojun? My ring is his. I am an elixir God, and there are many precious elixirs in the ring. As soon as the man with a pale face and bleeding mouth came out, he did not leave immediately, but held up a ring and a jade to help deliver the letter. This Taoist friend, hurry up to the transport array, don't let people wait too long. The friar in charge of the transport array saw that Ningcheng had not entered the transport array for a long time, and urged him impatiently. Ningcheng waved his hand, "Wait a minute, if you violate the rules, I will send it in the next round." Ningcheng finished this sentence and went to the emperor who wanted to send him a letter. At this time, several people had already grabbed the front of him. This Taoist friend, I am willing to help. I have been to Taisujie. "What have you been to Taisu? I have a friendship with a general of Taisu Daoting Army. I'm sure I'll help you send the letter to Taisu Daojun." …… In order to snatch the right to deliver the letter,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, a group of people began to compete for it. Had it not been for the fact that this was the transmission hall of the virtual city of the five realms, it would not have been impossible to fight. Before the emperor could speak, the transport array he had just sent flashed a white light again. The seriously injured Emperor Huadao's face was even paler. At this time, Ningcheng had already squeezed people away and walked up to him. Without even thinking about it, he directly stuffed the jade slips and rings into Ningcheng's hands. "You're the only one. Hurry up and help me give things to Taisu's Taojun.." "Oh, let me see which one has the courage to send this thing to the Taisu world." A sarcastic voice came out, followed by two men and a woman coming out of the transport array. The moment the three men came out,interactive panel board, the hall suddenly became silent. One of these three people is already the second step of Daoyuan Shengdi, and the other two are also strong in the later period of Huadao. This kind of strong person has spoken, who dares to send a letter, unless it is almost a death wish. The monks who had surrounded the severely injured emperor got out of the way one after another, and the surroundings became empty, leaving only Ningcheng, who was holding the jade slips, and the more pale severely injured emperor. Ningcheng did not care about these three people, his divinity directly broke the ban of the jade slips and swept in. There are only seven words on the jade slips, "ask for help, Taishi Lu Dongce." Ningcheng heart suddenly one, if he has a friend in the world of Taishi, it is undoubtedly Lu Dongce. Lu Dongce is open-minded and helpful to him. Even if the Taoist court army of the Taiyi Realm invaded the Taisu Realm, smart board interactive whiteboard ,smart interactive whiteboard, Lu Dongce tried his best to gather a group of strong mixed yuan to rush to the Taisu Realm to help boxing. But Lu Dongce is the president of the Dan Society in the world of Taishi, and even the top clan dare not do anything to him, right? Who dares to attack him? No matter who did it to Lu Dongce, he would not stand idly by if he knew about it. Originally he was ready to have time to go to Taishijie to see Lu Dongce, now Lu Dongce had an accident, he had nothing to hesitate about. ...... Chapter 1294 Tai Shi Xin Dao Jun. Ningcheng didn't even look at the three people who came over. He raised his hand and grabbed an elixir and handed it to the seriously injured Emperor Huadao. "This is a healing elixir." Although the emperor knew that he was finished, he still took the elixir from Ningcheng. He had not intended to swallow the elixir, but as soon as it was in his hand, he exclaimed, "Is this a healing elixir?" After saying that, he did not hesitate to swallow the Dao Dan directly. The ordinary elixir of his injury could not work, and this healing elixir could obviously solve the problem easily. As soon as the elixir was swallowed, the emperor felt that his injury was disappearing, and the divine element and divine consciousness quickly recovered, and even his knowledge of the sea was strengthened at this time. This is definitely the top healing Dan Dao. Taishi Dan will thank Leng He for his help from Daoyou. Huadao man hurriedly bowed to Ningcheng and thanked him. The three people who came after him also felt that Ningcheng was unusual, and ordinary people could easily take out Dao Dan? Even if it's healing, Dao Dan. It's not easy. What's more, is it to give this Dan away? The leading Daoyuan man did not continue to sneer at Ningcheng, nor did he start directly, but said to Ningcheng, "This Daoyou, Leng He and we have personal grievances, but also ask friends not to intervene.." Before the man had finished speaking, he was interrupted by the angry Leng He, "Bah, shameless thing, plot against our Lord Lu Hui, forcibly occupy Dan Hui.." "Kill.." As soon as the Daoyuan man's face was cold, he raised his hand and said, after that, he took another look at Ningcheng, "I represent the Taishi Daoting and the Taishi Dan Society. If someone stops me, it is against my Taishi Daoting and my Taishi Dan Society." When the two emperors heard this, they immediately rushed to Leng He. The Daoyuan Emperor who gave the order did not move, and he was sure that Ningcheng would not dare to do it. If you want to fight against Taishi Daoting and Taishi Dan at the same time, even Yin Xingwen has to weigh it. It is not allowed to start in the transmission hall, but the highest one in the transmission hall is only the emperor of Huadao. A Daoyuan strong man wanted to start here, and no one in charge of the transmission hall dared to stand up and speak out except to report the matter. Leng He's injury disappeared, strength returned again, even if he knew he was defeated, at this time someone wanted to kill him, he did not hesitate to sacrifice a magic weapon. Before the two holy emperors,touch screen whiteboard, a man and a woman, jumped in front of Leng He, Ningcheng raised his hand and slapped him out.