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  • This forest of terrifying wisdom has never been successfully explored by any Explorer 19670 years after the planetary calendar. No one can walk out of there alive after going deep into the Crimson Devil's Eye. Combined with this fact, the danger of the creature in "Crimson Eye" is even more overestimated. They have forgotten the most basic common sense that the most dangerous creature in the world is.. Humans themselves!!! Hidden in that rocky terrain is the Holy See, the true patriarch of the Reith religion. All the explorers who accidentally entered the sphere of influence of the Reith God religion were mercilessly killed. Lunar Calendar July 13, 2003 In the vast underground palace of the Archdiocese of Reith, the High Priest Lotte was summoned again by the Bishop. Look up and see the Bishop sitting on the octopus dragon chair shining with blue brilliance in the distance. Lott stopped in his tracks. The bishop was already an old man, short in stature, and in the last decade he had become more and more reluctant to be approached by others. Humble head down, right hand on the chest, on the heart position. Lotte fell to the ground on one knee. See Your Eminence. May the glory of God be with you always. Lott's voice was respectful. Arise! The power of the God Rais is with us. The bishop said. At the Bishop's command, Lott rose. He was still afraid to lift his head. Although nominally, he is second only to the bishop. In fact, there are still many secrets in the order that are not humane to the outside world. Many people who did not have religious positions in the order were not to be underestimated by him. Those people belong to each other. But mostly under the control of the bishop. Even if he is a great priest, from the actual power he holds, he dares not show any disrespect to the bishop. I have carefully considered the situation you told me a few days ago. Lott did not speak, but waited quietly for the Bishop to go on. It is foolish to express one's own opinions at this time. Having served as a great sacrifice for many years, Lott naturally has his own philosophy of survival. First of all, try not to provoke that Ouyang Yang. "I have heard of that man's name years ago." Said Bishop Rhys. In the Raith Order, the supreme religious leader's original name was abandoned after he ascended to the position of bishop. The name of the bishop has been only one in the long years since the founding of the church, and that is.. Reese. At the words of Bishop Reis, Lott's heart was shocked. [Heard? Why have I never heard him mention it? Lotte thought to himself. A few years ago, in the city of Imara, where our offerings were collected, this man had repeatedly opposed our subordinate organizations. Said Bishop Rhys. A few years ago? That young man is only in his twenties now. How old will he be when he is in Imala? Could he be the one who single-handedly uprooted the Imara City Agency?] Lott thought in surprise. Before the completion of the second phase of the Reitheism, smart whiteboard price , the city of Imala was a city of great concern to them. In addition to sending special people to hunt a large number of higher intelligent creatures in the intelligent forest of the whole planet for blood sacrifice, the city of Imara, where precious animals and human trafficking are the most rampant in Akabov, is also an important place for them to collect sacrifices. In the city of Imara, there is an exclusive organization of the Reith Order, which is responsible for the sale and transportation of intelligent creatures. The members of the organization are all the elite of the order, and the head of the organization is one of the first-class masters under the former Shadow Sect. But such an organization was uprooted several years ago, none of its members survived, and some of its members were as mutilated as if they had been eaten by wild animals. Because there were no survivors, it was impossible to find out what had happened, and less than a year after the visit, there was another catastrophe for the Lord of the Shadow and his men. The Raith's sphere of influence began to retreat in full force, so the incident was not settled. The organization of the city of Imara has been in the charge of the Lord of Shadows, and Lott is not aware of the details. That incident became a big mystery in Lott's mind. Could it be that the collapse of the subordinate organization of the adult in the city of Imala was. Lott finally couldn't help asking the question in his mind. It's hard to say. After all, the organization of the city of Imala is not something that our system can fully grasp. Bishop Reiss's tone was so flat that one could not tell what he was feeling at the moment. Sweat dripped from Lotte's forehead. Like Cyatheism, the Order of Rhys was not previously a church dominated by a single bishop. In the Order of Rhys, whether it is the Bishop or the Lord of Shadows who hides in the dark and never appears easily, the one who finally succeeds in obtaining the absolute power of the divine body of Rhys is the true Supreme of the Order. And the ultimate goal of the Supreme of that order is the full advent of the God Rais. Since a long time ago, almost every generation of dependent bodies has been able to achieve unparalleled wealth and status on the planet by virtue of their power. But they are not interested in all of this, and all of them are confused by the power within them. For them, complete possession of that invincible power is the real dream thing! It can be said that the former Lord of the Shadow of Reith has no respect for the present Bishop of Reith. The Lord, who holds the greatest power of the Order of Reith, the Dark Apostle, has more influence in the Reith God religion than the Bishop of Reith in many places. A few years ago, the sudden incident that greatly reduced the power of the Reith cult almost uprooted the power of another branch of the Reith cult. While the fighting power of the Reiss cult was greatly damaged, it also gave the Reith chief a taste of self-respect for the first time from the day he ascended the throne. The present Lord of Shadows is a complete puppet set up by the Bishop of Reith. As for the dark apostles under the Reith religion, the Bishop could call them almost at will. However, because of the lack of official recognition of one of the shadow senates. Now the Master of Shadows is doing it very reluctantly. At least. He will never be able to mobilize the highest patriarch of the previous generation of dark apostles, the few remaining first-class stars.